Trump should pardon Manafort: Its fruit from a poisoned tree

The Special Prosecutor never shouldn’t exist, there was no criminal predicate necessary to empower one. Collusion is not a crime, you need a crime for a special prosecutor. Therefore, everything he did is poisoned, outside of the US constitution. I’ve heard that case made by attorneys. As Mueller’s conflicts become more clear, its possible grounds to dispense with everything he has done.

I want Mueller & crew investigated for uranium one and their connect to the clinton global initiative. Some of those angry democrats on his team also worked for the Clintons.

Timing perhaps, just waiting for the right time to turn this all against the Dems.

A special counsel must have a crime to prosecute, therefore you proved my point. There was no crime cited justifying his empowerment.

If you’re going to spout nonsense, Alfie, at least be halfway educated about the subject. It’s “fruits of the poisonous tree.” Mapp v. Ohio.

Oh norm

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I hate to be the pessimist, but there’s been claims of Obama since he took office on Jan 20th, 2009 and since Hillary was lumped in with Bill when Bill was running for president back in 1992.

So, if Obama has been guilty since 2009, that’s 9 years. Someone, somewhere must have enough clout to call for an investigation. Republicans owned Congress a lot of the time he was President and up to now.

As for Hillary, 1992, that’s 26 years? And nothing. Not even flimsy “she killed Vince Foster” accusations were met with laughter.

It’s all trumped up charges spouted out by the CEC.

And I thought infant monster had no more to give!

Obama’s crimes might be prosecuted, those he did against Trump. But I doubt it, the crazed Democrat base sporadically riots in the streets now, what would happen if Obama and Hillary begin sporting Orange?

There is nothing illegal about the special prosecutor. Mueller has not violated anyone’s rights.

Special! The only genius I know with an IQ of 40!

He’s got a history of bungling

That’s not going to get Manafort out of hot water.

You know they’re desperate when they start defending a guy who is pro weaponized rape and child soldiers.

Aww. It’s ok Norm, we are all waiting with baited breath until you switch back. At least Cap is consistent.

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Yes yes yes, please do Donald!!!

Quit drinking the orange Kool-Aid. If trump & friends are so innocent, why all the indictments?

Do yourself a favor and turn off FOX and right wing radio.

Ever wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?

There are any number of crimes that fall within the scope of this letter… For instance, all the indictments that have already resulted from the case… Are you suggesting that these are not crimes or that you are merely trying to deflect. If, as you suggest, Trump pardon’s everyone affected, what crimes will be pardoned?

It’s a “special counsel” and I’m pretty sure the law doesn’t say the need a “criminal predicate” to empower one (it’s up to the AG) but that’s irrelevant because the crime was the DNC/Podesta email hacking and further “collusion” could then be considered accessory after the fact and also the letter empowering Mueller specifically said he can investigate any crimes that come up during the investigation (e.g. Manafort money laundering and such).

Mueller is in no way “above the president”. You’re bastardizing a bad argument you heard about the appointments clause. Trump could instruct the AG/AAG to fire Mueller and end the investigation but Trump is, for now, listening to the people who are rightly telling him it would be really ■■■■■■■ stupid.

It’s Rosenstein. Somehow I get the feeling you’re not an expert on this.

Cognitive dissonance.