Trump says Putin isn't getting involved in Venezuela, but his officials say

Turns out Putin does not want to get involved with Venezuela he just wants good things to happen per Trump…I mean can it get more ridiculous? :joy:

Who you gonna believe, Putin or Donald Trump? :joy:

Those military planes full of weapon were just stopping for the local food.

If Putin don’t want Trump to be arming Ukrainians then maybe Putin should stay out of Venezuela. :wink:

Newsweek is fake lib news.

Just like Putin said VERY STRONGLY that Russia didn’t meddle in US elections, Donald got Putin to say he didn’t want to be involved in Venezuela. Donald is a powerful, intimidating leader who is loved and feared the world over and no one could lie to him, so Putin is telling the truth.

US officials who say otherwise are obviously holdovers from the Obama administration, cannot be trusted, and should be indicted for treason against Donald and therefore America.

Donald had a very positive conversation with Putin. That means the US won.

Obama and Clinton worked with Russia to overthrow our Constitution and way of life. Why weren;t libs crying then?


Let me guess, you didn’t read the Mueller report.
Keep backing Trump in his denial that Russia didn’t interfere in our elections. It is really a good look for you guys.

Muller is a traitor to Donald and therefore America. Donald should impose martial law, suspend elections, and go after everyone (high and low) who ever opposed him.

Donald said Putin denied meddling VERY STRONGLY. I mean, you think just anyone could get Putin to do that? Donald is an incredibly powerful intimidator and all around man’s man.

Besides, Obama and Clinton used to work with Russia all the time, and still are. Only Donald will save us from liberalism, socialism, and feminism.

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Trump is never wrong. Therefore I trust Trump. Trump trusts Putin. Trump is never wrong. Therefore I trust Putin.

Yes! Trump said it, I believe it, that settles it. He’s like the Bible that way.

Here, have a flag. It’s the only kind Donald’s finest deserve! :us:

Thanks, I needed something to hug.

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You really show that you have no clue what treason is. Please do your homework. Thanks.

History will show that Donald is second only to Jesus, and you will have to confess with your tongue the truth of it.

Besides - Obama and Clinton.

Looks like someone just got their bonus check from the DNC.

I wish. It started off as a job performance, but the job offer never came. I don’t know where to go from here given my skill base so I keep doing the same thing. Maybe somebody will notice.

History will show that Trump is. con Man, cheet and a crook. And I would say that we got the last laugh except for the damage he is doing to our country.

And how about Obama and Clinton - are they cheets and crooks too? Libs never cared about cheating and crooks until Donald came along. And now they think they can lecture Trump Nation? That’s cute.

Please don’t stop and flush twice supporting your Democrat Politicians who want to impose socialism and satanism on Real Americans as they banish Christianity, allow disease-ridden hordes in for free government cheese, and force everyone to become Democrat Politicians. We’ll keep winning and making you eat your peas and that’s why Democrat Politicians must never ever regain power because their vengeance on Real Americans will be terrible and political and Democrat.

He’s joshing you.

How dare you even suggest such a thing. It’s an Obama and Clinton technique. Has it been 60 seconds since someone brought up Clinton or Obama? Gotta keep hamming the libs - TDS gave them a mercilessly short attention span so it’s important to say Obama and Clinton a lot when they criticize our Most Wonderful POTUS In the History of Probably Ever.

It’s boring dude.

I’m glad Putin is getting involved in Venezuela. That country is in chaos right now. Two people think they’re president, but there can be only one. I’m sure that Russia has the best interests of America when they’re backing one of those would be presidents. It’s kind of like Game of Thrones. We should trust the people from Always Winter to have the best intentions for the realm.