Trump says Putin isn't getting involved in Venezuela, but his officials say

At least he has another option.

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He out-supported Trump supporters. He is a shining beacon of true Trump worship. All Trump worshipers should aspire to this level of devotion to Donald Trump.

Liberalism and sedition against Donald and therefore America are not boring, they’re dangerous. Obama and Clinton will undermine this great nation and the holy project of MAGA because you won’t stand with Donald and bring up Obama and Clinton whenever he is criticized for being a liar and crook and adulterer and grifter.

Here, have a flag. :us:


He tries harder.

Not much hope for you.

A lot of Trump supporters are weak-willed, and refuse to stand behind our Leader (and therefore America) because libs intimidate them. They should stand firm and point out that Donald hasn’t done anything that Clinton and Obama haven’t done and the libs cheered them so that’s hypocrisy and libs should eat their peas and we need to make sure they never ever regain power because that would mean Democrat Politicians are in power.

Go Trump!
Go America!
But mostly, GO TRUMP GO! :us:

Everyone raise their hand who believes the Trump haters group give a damn about Venezuela.

No matter what Trump does in regard to Venezuela you would support it?

Thank you, kind sir! I’m just out-flanking liberal logic and rationality with sloganism, emotion, whataboutism, and unquestioning obedience to Donald, a man of the Working Class and high Christian morals and a true love for America who is decidedly NOT Obama and Cltinton, who did the exact same things libs accuse Donald of doing and yet they cheered them. Hypocrites! :us:

Why is it they always say I said something I didn’t say?

Would you oppose it?

He’s not going to do anything in Venezuela.

Projection Doug. It’s all they have. Next to creating cartoon caricature strawmen they can knock down because the facts no longer back them. :roll_eyes:

Because you set yourself up such misunderstandings. If you wouldn’t be so ambiguous this problem wouldn’t happen.

What do you think Trump’s policy regarding Venezuela should be?

raise your hand if you think Trump gives damn about Venezuela

Trump haters are evil, they only care about Venezuela because they mistakenly think they can exploit poor Venezuelan children to score political points against our Leader. But Donald actually cares, and despite lib machinations inspired by Clinton and Obama to install the same failing socialism in America MAGA will sweep Venezuela up in its momentum and transform it into a Christian Capitalist Paradise.

But not before America, Venezuela! We need to take care of our own first, because Donald promised since 2016 it will forever be AMERICA FIRST! :us:

Raise your hand if you’d like to ignore what Trump said and attack someone else.

If you’re happy and you know it raise your hand.


Did you know Clinton and Obama did the same things Donald does, and libs cheered them? What changed? Libs are not consistent. Maybe the peas will straighten them out.

I was clear in what I said and I believe it completely. If everything was going fine in Venezuela there would be no thread. If everything was falling apart in Venezuela, there would be no thread. Trump apparently makes a statement that contradicts someone else in the administration and…anti Trump thread.

I don’t know what we should be doing there and I am not sure what Trump is or should be doing there.

Libs would love me to raise my hand, that’s all they can think about. Raising hand syndrome I call it.

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