Trump says he's 'ready' to put tariffs on all $505 billion of Chinese goods

Well, Trump supporters here keep saying that Russia is a friend and China and Europe are enemies, so this is a good thing, correct?

China is not a friend. They might not be full fledged enemies, but they are definitely not our friends.

“In international relations, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests.”

Not mine. Might have been Lord Palmerston (John Henry Temple) of Great Britain.

Bam…that’ll get this show on the road. China has much more to lose than “we” do by about…400 billion.

They may have more to lose, but we will also lose just the same here. And they don’t mind the temporary struggle affecting their people. They’ll just wait out Trump while we all lose.

Increasing taxes is NEVER the solution. I’m shocked I’m having to tell that to someone who has claimed to be a conservative for most of their lives. But this is the reality of Trump.

In the short run…pain. In the long run…gain.

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I’m hoping that the massive tariffs are on all the products you sell. You are obviously willing to sacrifice for the US.

Or is the sacrifice just meant for others?

Hah! You really think Trump is better at playing a long game than China?

You are sorely mistaken.


I’d love to participate in the betterment of the US. Let’s get it on.

How much cheap Chinese ■■■■ do we need in this country?

Perhaps liberals should look at this as an opportunity for them to achieve one of their other goals – taking Wal-Mart down. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Harbor Freight disappear as well.

The only way the US gets better is if people better themselves and adapt. What Trump is doing is saying you do not need to educate or train yourself to compete with the rest of the world I will punish them for being more skilled and productive.

Sweet. Some will go belly up. You appear ready for that sacrifice.

I don’t disagree that all of us should give our best efforts but what we’re discussing is where the government created legislation that benefited a few, at the expense of the masses.

Not any of the Chinese products I’ve bought so far

It’s pretty funny how much this place has changed regarding Wal-Mart. It was one a golden cow that republicans here held up as the perfect example of American capitalism. We even had posters who said that the mom and pops raped us and was glad Wal-Mart bankrupted them.

Fast forward to 2018.

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Those failed to benefit often failed to adapt and take advantage of retraining programs

It seems to be in our nature to punish success. We all want to be successful, but we don’t want our neighbor to be too successful.

So should we eliminate all government assistance to everyone after a time long enough to “adapt and take advantage of retraining programs” has gone by?

That is quality.

And that again is not the fault of the Chinese if Americans want cheaper inferior products.

In the case of Walmart, people here previously praised them.