Trump says he won’t watch the NFL

That’s right! Apparently Trump won’t watch any NFL games this year if the layers take a knee during the National Anthem.

All I have to say to that is:


I watch sports for entertainment. To escape politics. Not for more politics. The first knee that I see will be enough for me. I don’t need to be lectured by millionaires. Give me my sports minus the politics or I’m done. And millions feel the same way.

We don’t need to ruin everything with politics.


He never watched any of it anyway, he has the attention span of a gnat. Apologies to gnats.

He’s just being nasty.

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That’s fine. The NFL will probably screw this up and turn off millions of fans. Their choice.

I don’t know why kneeling would get in the way of your entertainment. You don’t understand the politics and it only lasts the time it takes to play the anthem.

Don’t let a minute-and-a-half of the Star Bangled Banner ruin hours of entertainment.

Shouldn’t Trump be doing something other than watching TV anyways?


I wasn’t exactly asking for advice. But thanks anyway. If they can protest, so can I. My protest will be not watching. And I won’t be alone. You cool with that?


They made record profits last year

If i learned anything from HBO veep nope.

The NFL is likely going to be playing in empty stadiums this season due to COVID.

My my, how quickly some people forget.

From Obama: 'I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning'

“I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning,” President Obama said. “I get so much politics I don’t want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.”

My only complaint is he didn’t spend every minute of his day watching it.


Everyone will vote with their dollars and that’s capitalism at it’s finest. Let the games begin. :sunglasses:

Protest. It’s your right. Make all the NFL players lose out because you’re pissed at one.

Very possible. We’ll see how it plays out.

It’s going to be awkward when Pence shows up with plans to immediately leave anyways.


That’s what makes America great. We are free to take a stand for anything we want. Agreed? :us:

Doubt it’s going to be just one. Personally I don’t watch sports so I can’t boycott them.

Yep. They will succumb to peer pressure. As did Drew Breeze. No doubt about it.

He has a point. People don’t turn sports on to listen to politics. People get fired for bringing politics into sports, until now. I can’t even watch NFL network because they don’t shut up about it. I can turn on various news stations if I want to hear about this stuff. I tune into the NFL network for football.

It’s ok because I only watch one game every week. All of this stuff along with the crap rule changes and bad officiating, I pretty much can’t watch the games anyway. They can take a knee all they want, I tune in afterwards.

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Yes, but you watch with the knowledge that spouse abusers, child abusers, and rapists take the field each week right? Taking a knee to call attention to oppression and disparate treatment of a particular people…that throws you over the top. Good to know violence is ok…but peaceful protest goes to far.

I’ll hang up now and listen to your response… :thinking: