Trump Says He Will Override Governors On Church Openings

So Trump just said a minute ago that he will “override the Governors” on allowing Churches to reopen, if they don’t open churches.

How exactly will he do this? Is this a sign of future actions to be taken by Trump? Why wouldn’t he just override them right now?

I thought he did not have the authority to do so…

My guess he’s waiting on what CoJ can do.

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CoJ? Did you mean DOJ?

I’m guessing so.

DOJ files in court based on 1st amendment, gets an injunction against the executive order.

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Such a great man of the lord that Donald is… :hamburger: :hamburger:


It would be an interesting legal battle. If churches are beyond the scope of state law or not. Given modern technology, in person worship is not necessary in order to maintain a congregation and worship. So they would have to make a case that their rights are unreasonably restricted. All rights are, and this has been established in the courts, subject to reasonable regulation.

“One of the things I want to do is get the churches open,” Trump told reporters Thursday on the White House lawn. “The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors. I want to get the churches open, and we’re going to take a very strong position on that very soon. … Including mosques.”

He’s not going to do anything. This is all talk intended to make his supporters think he gives a ■■■■ .


Oh they don’t need to, I see.

Not during a pandemic

Seems like a weird place to flex on governors. Jumping right over hair salons and into the mass-gathering super-spreader events.

sTaTEs rIGhTs


Like any other public space, they need to mask up and limit numbers and maintain social distance. Given the whole super spreader thing. I see no reason either of those are unnecessary infringements on their right to worship. Churches can increase the number of services if necessary to make up for smaller crowds. A blanket closure is an unnecessary infringement.


Trump trolls…people react.

Here we go again…he makes a claim he can do something he likely can’t do…people will go down a rabbit hole finding every legal reason why he can’t do it and use it to bash his “dictatorial fever dreams” while crowing about how stupid he is.

When actually overriding any states’ mandates is not what Trump is up to.

How is it the media…and people here…still haven’t figured out his MO?

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You’re really good at telling churches what to do and how to act.

If only it worked that way.

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fiRSt AmEndMeNt

He declared them “essential”.

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Not directly.

Through the DOJ and public pressure.

Even Judge Napolitano is all in and explained how the DOJ will slap down the Governors.

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Me? No, directly. I just watched it.

Trump didn’t overstep.

He declared Churches essential and told Governor to call him if they disagree.