Trump says he is likely to be criminally indicted over the January 6 event

Who is “us”? For whom are you the spokesman?

Us is a surrogate for people who care about documenting assertions and who don’t try to deflect by quibbling over word choice,.

Well, if you can redefine “woman” you can redefine anything.

Who is “you” in your assertion?

Why did 51 former intelligence agents decide it was worth their reputation to lie, at the request of the Biden campaign, that the laptop was probably Russian disinformation?

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You do recall that Comey announced publicly before the election that the new information did not cause them to change their opinion, right?

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Go fetch for yourself. Or have your mommy do it for you. I can’t believe how ignorant so many democrats are.

Why do you insist they were lying. Intelligence agents make judgement calls based on available evidence. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

What basis do you have to complain that the interpretation was anything more than an interpretation.

And I’ll repeat the question I keep raising that gets ignored. Why does it matter? Two years later, has any information from the laptop led to an indictment, an impeachment, a piece of legislation? The entire right has made a judgement that laptop was of incredible importance. But there is nothing there. Is the entire right lying? Or making a judgment?

If you make unsupported allegations, you can be expect to be asked to back them up. Your inability to back up the allegation shows how empty it was.

They aren’t “intelligence agents”

This was a great example of motivated reasoning via groupthink. At best.

Oh and Clapper, the ringleader, is a proven liar.


They said it because the Biden campaign asked them to do so to support Biden, not due to some analysis. They lied.


We have no idea if some of the data released publicly was or wasn’t Russian misinformation. What we do know is the laptop was real and some of the data on it belong to Hunter. We do not know of all of it belonged to him. Especially since the laptop was accessed by people other than Hunter

The person who had the shop who claims in which it was left immediately took it to the FBI. He took copies of the data to Guilliani after the FBI had a copy. Contents of the laptop that were verified to Hunter’s account. At some point the burden of proof turns. If some deep dark conspiracy is suspected, let’s hear it.
You would think such a conspiracy would have bothered to say something like “and then I passed on unmarked hundred dollar bills from Xi to dad”, after going through all that risk and effort.

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Yes, in Dec 2019. However the laptop was in his possession 8 months earlier.

Correct. The laptop was tampered with by the shop owner.

Some content was verified between the laptop and Hunters iCloud account. Nothing has been verified from the copy Guliani possessed.

I’m not alleging any conspiracy. I’m simply saying the laptop and its copies can’t be fully trusted.

Ok. This is the point where I stated the burden of proof belongs to the person making the allegation.

All of your questions, answered here. There is the actual laptop, which had data that could be matched with HB’s iCloud account, and then there was the Rudy ‘laptop’ which is actually a copy of the hard drive that by all accounts has been tampered with.

Does it even make sense to you that Rudy, Jack Maxey, Keith Ablow, and Robert Costello all had access to copies of the hard drive?

Even MacIsaac, the computer repair guy , says that the hard drive described by Rudy did not match the hard drive he had at his shop. “The experts found the data had been repeatedly accessed and copied by people other than Hunter Biden over nearly three years,” our report explained, with those we spoke with being unable to “reach definitive conclusions about the contents as a whole, including whether all of it originated from a single computer or could have been assembled from files from multiple computers and put on the portable drive.”

“I do know that there have been multiple attempts over the past year-and-a-half to insert questionable material into the laptop as in, not physically, but passing off this misinformation or disinformation as coming from the laptop,” MacIsaac said.

He copied the drive and gave it to another citizen without Hunters permission.

No need to pretend I am not right. Democrats always believe that if they lie enough no one is going to remember the truth.
The fact that you want me to play fetch for you proves that I am right.

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“Another citizen” is putting it mildly. Giuliani, Robert Costello, Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey of Breitbart, “Doctor” Keith Ablow. Now ask yourselves, righties, why would that group of people have copies of the hard drive?

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