Trump’s NJ golf course hiring illegals immigrants


i call BS on this story. no way does Trump have crystal golf trophies.


Well that let’s off the trump hiring illegals for longer then he’s been running for president. Case closed


You mean Donald Trump is full of ■■■■ and his supporters don’t care? Gasp


Hard to believe, isn’t it? :rofl:


Fine him, hit him with large fine and send her home…and quit the bitching.

But no mention that NYSlim just placed a target on here head for deportation.

Are libs proud of that?


Fat donald has been hiring illegal immigrants for decades, they don’t give a crap because something, something, libs!!


“wanting to be”


“is a sanctuary state”

ICE can raid Trump National and deport all the illegals who work there.

that will leave the golf course high and dry

Trump national is off limits to raids. LOL



So much winning, or is that whining?


You voted and still support a con man, own it.


Wait, are Trump supporters now concerned about the welfare of illegal immigrants? I’m having a bit of trouble keeping up…


Pretzels are quickly becoming gordian knots


Libs have placed her in jeopardy by exposing her just to make Trump look bad.

Nice job libs.

And to think libs really care. They used her to get at Trump. A political pawn that will pay the price for self serving libs.


Trump hired her without proper documentation. Is Trump a lib?


She’s got a lawyer, I’m sure she’ll be fine.


and she is in Jersey.

Doubly fine.



Also a certificate from the White house


If Trump hired her before he became President than it doesn’t count.


We all “get it”. Libs only care about illegals unless they work for Trump.


Trump national management: Lets see your green card and SS Card.

(Illegal hands over fraudulent paperwork badly forged.)

Trump national management: Looks like everything is in order (wink wink and a nod)

I too can get a green card and a SSN here in Dover for the right amount of money.



No, here in Jersey everyone cares about illegals, (trump hired or not) that is why we are a sanctuary state.