Trump’s NJ golf course hiring illegals immigrants


Why I’m I not surprised?

During more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Service logo.

Because of the “outstanding” support she has provided during Mr. Trump’s visits, Ms. Morales in July was given a certificate from the White House Communications Agency inscribed with her name.

Quite an achievement for an undocumented immigrant housekeeper.


Trump treats his employees like dirt while being a drooling hypocrite?

Color me ****ing shocked.


we knew Trump hired illegals before he won the nomination and no one cared.


In before Trumpsters make the “Trump doesn’t do actual hiring at his properties” excuse.

They won’t care. Trump is a blatant hypocrite and they lap it up


he’s still the best candidate for people who are afraid of everything, and racists


See, Trump is a rally bad racist. He should have fired her personally…


Lying pile of crud.

During the presidential campaign, when the Trump International Hotel opened for business in Washington, Mr. Trump boasted that he had used an electronic verification system, E-Verify, to ensure that only those legally entitled to work were hired.

“We didn’t have one illegal immigrant on the job,” Mr. Trump said then.


I am absolutely sure she is not the only illegal employed by Trump National.

Takes a lot of grunt workers to run a golf course.

and most Jerseyites who are citizens turn their nose up at grunt work.

lots of illegal employment in Jersey.



This tracks with what we know about him.



There are many people without papers,” said Ms. Diaz, who said she witnessed several people being hired whom she knew to be undocumented.


Modified to say

“well maybe a couple but we fire them as soon as we find out”



He have to fire half of the employees at his golf course if that were the case.




I’m sure Trump is going to be directing his DOJ to pursue charges against the Trump Organization for hiring illegal immigrants any second now, consistent with his policy on illegal immigrants.

Ok, not really. He was just kidding about all that wall nonsense…


You don’t have strict hiring practices, you lying sacks of ■■■■■


Even their lies are lies!



At the president’s New Jersey golf course, an undocumented immigrant has worked as a maid since 2013.

Barack Obama is responsible for this.


The week that keeps giving


Fail it all Soros controlled by the Clinton cabal


We need a Trumpsplanation here, post haste.


I wonder if this is in response to this?

And to top if off, that might be a response to New Jersey wanting to be sanctuary state.

Now having said that…fine him.

Never mind the fact that since NYSlime put a target on her head for deportation.

New York Times…we care about illegal immigrants unless you work for Trump.