Trump’s NJ golf course hiring illegals immigrants


We all “get it:” Trumpers only care about power and have no moral compass.


What are the chances ICE raids all of fat donald’s properties after this story came out?


Tomorrow is Manafort day.



They are too busy going after us citizens


Have you put your whiskey and cookies by the fireplace? Muller won’t show up if you are awake


it was a guy who was born in Philly. and they detained him and wanted him deported to Jamaica.

ICE has got their ■■■■ together.



You do have to feel bad for her, who knows what she has seen in that bedroom.


the don tipped her a c-note, so I dont feel too sorry for her. LOL



He was out of rubbles


Ugh, I hope she didn’t get to change his depends. That would’ve been a nightmare of mushroom proportions.


Used fortune magazine every where


She seema like she knows exactly what she is doing if you read the article


So, you care about this woman?


Then give Trump a hefty fine and send her packing.

That would be correct solution now would it?


What are you arguing about?


Should ICE raid all of fat donald’s properties?


See to be transition from stage 2(anger) to stage 3(bargening). A stage every year right on target


First time offenders don’t get a hefty fine, not even a slap on the wrist.


I’d impeach him on this alone.


This is fun NYT. Do Steve King’s district next.