Trump’s Golan Heights Community

I’m not sure if he gets to develop it, but it will Don his name. Netanyahu plans on naming a settlement in the Golan Heights after Donald Trump as a thank you for Trump’s recognition of Israel’s claim to the territory. A great honor has been bestowed upon our 45th president as his name will live on forever in the promised land.

What a great view! Have you ever seen such a great view. This is great. And what a beautiful gesture from the prime minister.

CreditCreditJalaa Marey/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Forgive the pun.

It’s their country and they can name any city whatever the heck they want. :+1:

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It’s rather gauche, but whatever.


Maybe Trump can move there once he’s done acting like the King here.


Donald, is that you?


Perfect spot for a golf course.

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Tacky, offensive to Muslims, probably a bad idea, horribly narcissistic, unnecessarily antagonistic…

Yep, absolutely fitting for Donald.


Yeah I think it’s absolutely fitting, perfect name for that area

Sour grapes from the peanut gallery, I see.

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Lol…sounds to me like you had already made up your mind no matter what some posters here posted…

Rather, some posters have made up their minds no matter the Trump headline.

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I’m proud of our president. This is an historic occasion.

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Ask a Palestinian.

Yes but you’d be proud of the President if he took a dump on the lawn.

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Just seems terribly submissive on the part of Bibi. For a guy who talks so tough, he sure crawls a lot these days.

He is pretty much like the king here. His reign ends 2024

At least the word President was capitalized. That’s a good sign for decent recovery from TDS

I’m asking you. A palestinian didn’t make the claim.

Gramatically speaking, president shouldn’t have been capitalized in that sentence as it didnt preceed a proper name.