Trump’s Golan Heights Community

Is that picture where the Battle of Armageddon will take place?

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I wasn’t referring grammatically. I was referring to the sign for good recovery from TDS

I know what you were referring to, and im saying it was a gramatical error. Had nothing to do with TDS or the lack of it.

Oh I’m sorry, let me correct it.

“Yes but you’d be proud if the lying fat waste of human garbage that pretends to be the President took a dump on the lawn.”


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The willingness to capitalize the word president when referring to Trump is a good sign one hasn’t gone full TDS, Full on TDS afflicted won’t capitalize his last name

Why do we continue to kiss israels ass

Because they’re God’s chosen people (to got to Hell)

Sour grapes? I really wanted it named after me so I’m unhappy?

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So true that it’s funny.

Remember when interfering in Israel’s elections was bad?


Trump just wanted to help our prime minister win again.

So you mean like calling Obama the Kenyan, And various other non proper names?

Who says we can’t do humor.

Speaking of offensive and tacky.

He’s the ■■■■ of the walk right about now. No crawling.

Come on now. With the current president as our leader, are you really going to look down your nose at offensive and tacky?

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All he’s done under Trump is crawl. It’s really shameless.

Which is why I should not be President.

Which is sad because I somehow have more class than the current occupant. Isn’t that sad? I think it’s sad:

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I love it when you guys do that…

Israel has the right to do this The Golan Heights is theirs to do what they want with. They dont need the US telling the world its ok. Sure this is good for the Israelis. But what did Trump really do. This is like the US president saying yeah Canada…we recognize Windsor Ontario as part of Canada. Isn’t it? I mean except I don’t think they took Windsor from the US. Otherwise, the same.

Yea Trump.