Trump’s 2019 Budget Underestimated New Debt by $2.3 Trillion, CBO Says

Member when the national debt was a big deal? Pepperidge Farms members

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No biggie at all…Trump is The King of Debt!

Who knew debt reduction would be so difficult?

It will pay for itself. Works with credit cards.

Looks like the tax cuts werent deep enough!


It all depends on growth and that’s the difference between the guesstimates…so let’s everybody get off our collective butts and rock this country. :sunglasses::us:

Numbers are hard!

When was the last time the CBO nailed it?

Guesstimates? GDP growth is pretty straightforward to predict. If you’re thinking you’re going to get annual real GDP growth of 3+% then you’re a magical thinker who doesn’t understand how silly that is or what the limiting factors in GDP growth are, and the Trump administration and Republicans need 4+% to not be into trillion dollar deficits forever.

CBO foretells 1.8% GDP pretty much forever. 4th Quarter 2017 was 2.9%, 1st Quarter 2018 2.2%. CBO figures are not reliable.

That ability is truly what “we” risk and it is scary. That’s a big price

More reliable than Trump’s estimates.

Very true. Its like a gold backed currency is based upon gold reserves. Discover a new mine with loads of gold and more currency can be produced. Currency value remains strong. But produce more currency than gold to back it, then the currency declines in value.

Not that i can see. The CBO uses an outdated algorithm and has for many decades. That is why their figures seldom, if ever, are near reality.

Who is more accurate than the CBO? Certainly not Trump.

Do you have actual data, to back up your claim?
I ask, as I searched, and could not find your assertion accurate, except from unreliable sources.

Yeah but it does not say that Trump is right so you are wrong sorry…

(typical Trumper explanation)

Actual data?

Actual data is for losers.

Just talk truth into existence.

It’s true because I say it’s true!


So, you believe the CBO when they say 1.8% GDP growth as far as the eye can see? Keep in mind, current figures show they are wrong. Keep in mind being wrong = hundreds of billions of dollars. Being wrong by 1% = around two trillion dollars. They are way off on this estimate and Trump is closer to the reality than the CBO.

And real GDP increase for 2017 was a bit under 2.3%, pretty much it’s going to to be for 2018.