Trump’s 2019 Budget Underestimated New Debt by $2.3 Trillion, CBO Says

My bad, 1% of 20 trillion is not 2 trillion.

The data shows the private sector estimates have about the same accuracy.

Most of the time, they are pretty close.

Still better than 1.8%. And 2018 is shaping up to be far better. First two quarters of 2018 are up considerably over 2017. Last two quarters, which are generally the highest quarters of the year, will tell the tail.

The CBO is projecting 3.3% GDP growth for 2018.

Nobody makes GDP predictions using an “algorithm “. It’s a simple formula. Population growth + increase in productivity = percentage increase in GDP.

Heh, maybe now they are starting to see reality. They still need to see the reality of an expanding base = greater revenues, not less.

Or maybe your bias is showing

Bias, maybe. When it comes to tax cuts and who is in office at any given time, the CBO can either be a sweetheart or have their fangs going through the floor. CBO hates tax cuts and all their predictions about tax cuts have been wrong.

Trumpsters only talked data when Obama was in office. Lots of data, conflicting data, meaningless data.

Now data means nothing.

As other economies continue to strengthen, our debt continues to rise along with interest rates to a point that “we” can no longer service it, puts that luxury at risk.

As long as the debt makes libz head spin then rack it up Mr. President!

We’ll make up the balance with the tariffs!

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President Trump…is that you? :sunglasses:

CBO is obviously part of the Deep State lizard people.

This is gibberish. The CBO is non partisan. It just so happens Republican tax legislation is regressive and budget busting.

Even using the rosiest pie in the sky assumptions, the Republicans own numbers shows their tax plan would add over a trillion to the debt and balloon deficits. In the real world, it’s going to be twice as bad.

After the 80’s and Bush era, it boggles my mind that anybody takes Republicans seriously when it comes to the budget and fiscal policy. They’re feckless, reckless, and completely irresponsible.

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Rounding error! Who knew budgets were so difficult?!?