Trump Referred to DOJ!

The referrals include obstructing an official proceeding of Congress, conspiracy to defraud the federal government, making a false statement, and inciting, assisting, or aiding and comforting an insurrection.

Your move Garland.

Prosecute your political enemies…


Our country is looking more and more like Venezuela under the Current Democrat Leadership as each day passes.


Aw MAN!!!

I thought for sure that the committee members entered the committee hearings undecided and would leave undecided.

I am now so persuaded to change my opinion. (roll eyes)

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Seems pretty weak but I’m not a legalologist.

Has anyone arrested for their involvement with 1/6 actually been charged with insurrection?

“Seditious conspiracy” might be the top wordage.

That’s right, let’s persecute our political enemies before they have a chance to make a yuge comeback. Libs are gonna hate this precedent when the roles are reversed. :wink:


do NOT ever get in the way of democrats.

(esp if a clinton)

Personally I think the case based on J6 is pretty weak. While the J6 Committee was good political theatre, taking the case to court and proving beyond a reasonable doubt to get a jury conviction is a different matter.

AG Garland and the DOJ, should probably not take up the J6 issues.

They have a much stronger case based on the illegal possession, lack of control, and allowing unauthorized access to Presidential Records and Classified Documents at MAL.

That’s a much more black and white case which can be presented to a jury.


:rofl: No they don’t.


We got him now!

Seriously tho- I agree with WW- the classified docs case is way easier to prosecute.

In any event the guy is circling the drain legally and politically. Hes lost the “juice” and is now a shadow of his former self from back in the day. But who knows- Garland may try this case as well.

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Prove it…

Its all theater, the DOJ will do nothing.

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Actually they do.

They will have all the shipping documents from the White House to MAL.

They will have testimony from those that handled the documents in the White House.

They will have the testimony and documents for the shipping company staff that moved to materials under direction of White House staff.

They have 16 months of the NARA attempting to get the documents back.

They have an additional 2 months of the NARA and FBI seeking return of the documents.

They have a failure to comply with a Grand Jury subpoena and the retention of Classified Documents after that.

They have to Presidential Records and Classified Documents seized during the execution of the search warrant in August.

We have the FPOTUS’s legal team refusing to make any claim before the court that the FPOTUS at any time declassified the documents in question that were found.

The DOJ also has a case of unauthorized access to the Classified Documents (not even counting the FPOTUS whose positional clearance as an elected official ended at noon in January 20, 2021) in terms of uncleared ex-Presidential staff (who don’t have clearances), ex-Presidential lawyers (who don’t have clearances), and MAL staff - such as maintenance and service staff - having access to the storage room (who don’t have clearances).

So ya, they do have a much better case in terms if illegal willful retention of government property and classified documents as a court case then they do over J6 events.



Yeah…what are they? We can’t tell you that because it’s classified.

Sorry…but that dog isn’t going to hunt. Not with public anyway.


Nobody seems to care.

Wasn’t this covered by the appointment of Jack Smith?

We know.

Pathetic performance.

The “public” isn’t what matters in a court of law. The evidence as weighed by the judge or jury is what is important in a courtroom.