Trump Ran Record $200bil November Deficit

You clearly don’t…

Yes I think it is a problem but the President apparently doesn’t… according to you he is waiting on Dems to save his butt.

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A problem was named and I gave a sure fired way to help the problem that this thread is about.


Why should they?

The GOP got rid of the pay go rule that the Dems put in place to pass the tax cut.

The flood gates are now open.

We only have one congress to fix problems… at least we agree it’s a problem. I Don’t expect any solutions from dems, though. Neither do you…

I’ve never believed in the honesty of politicians and do not rely on theirs’, as a basis for mine.

It’s clear that now since dems control congress…NOW the Senate will pass something and send to the house, knowing it will fail. They can just blame dems

Republicans are the irresponsible partner in a marriage. They run up the credit card debt and then blame their spouse for not cutting up the cards soon enough.

Then, when the spouse gets things under control and the credit score is headed back in the right direction, off go the Republicans running up the credit card debt again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Chaos president. You voted for drama?

Then spend away, if that’s what dems want. But don’t blame Trump when dems have the congress…

You didn’t describe anything… you said build the wall and cut spending…

How does spending more money on defense, decrease our deficit? What spending do you suggest we cut? Why hasn’t this Republican controlled admin done anything to reduce the deficit?

Obama reduced federal spending as a % of GDP. Facts.

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My hope is that these same patriots are organizing a new rally.


The debt did not double under Trump. One reason dems are dems is the very short memory

Why is Trump waiting on Dems? He had 2 years of a Republican congress and actually INCREASED the deficit! Now you are asking the house Dems to put forth legislation to reduce the deficit? Hahahahaha

Because congress made him… What spending cuts will dems propose…?

Yep, clearly some ardent Trump supporters have already erased the 2 years that Republicans controlled both chambers.

Such a sad state of affairs. No responsibility.

Yes, the reps congress failed, now the dems need to govern… What will they propose…

The thing it is that I don’t blame Trump per se for the exploding deficit.

I do blame the GOP and the people who have abandoned everything that they have said that they were for and against in order to give rich people tax cuts.

The GOP platform now includes that it is totally cool to borrow a trillion and a half dollars from the future in order to keep their donor base happy.

As long as you are fine that… the that is on you.

No one will take any Republican complaining about deficits seriously ever again. Or they shouldn’t at least.


All true, now what?