Trump Ran Record $200bil November Deficit

Holy smokes. Crickets from the right. $200+ billion in one month! The largest deficit in 6 years. Trump is running record deficits at full emplyment - no recession or financial crisis.

Crickets. Do cons even care anymore about fiscal responsibility?

Any day now- the Tea Party will rise to demand that we rescind massive tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations that jack up our deficit to unsustainable levels.




Here’s some low hanging fruit regarding fiscal responsibility…build the wall and let’s cut our expenses.

The GOP has two years in power yet neither of these things happened.

They exploded the deficit and are increasing the debt at a pace not seen in years.

At some point does it sink in that you are getting played?

Building the wall isnt going to cut the deficit. Reducing expenses? What, has GOP and trump increased spending during full employment to double the deficit since Obama left?

Monthly deficits we’re decreasing under Obama. We are going the wrong way.

With the economy cranking, this should be shrinking, not exploding.



Many people agree that the wall will actually generate revenue if we put solar panels on top.


Building the wall isn’t going to cut squat.

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So how come Trump hasnt delivered on that promise? The Republicans didnt need the democrats on board to get funding approved and bulding started yet they failed.

Who do you hold accountable for that? I thought Trump was a best in class negotiator? Yet he could not even get his own party to back him .

I’m spot on and what you just said is that…in reality…there’s only been one party…who’s job has been to keep us divided…and then Trump got elected. This has been the greatest upset of politics in our nation’s history and the establishment is going crazy. It’s been a joy observing one man take on an entire political establishment…and spank them with their own paddle.

Dude. He has exploded monthly deficits. With full employment and a good economy. Monthly deficits we’re decreasing under Obama.


If that is what you see then okay.

I find that view of Trump’s presidency to be mildly delusional and willfully ignorant of let’s say … the people who are in his cabinet.

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Did you just suggest spending more money on defense(aka the wall), as a means to reduce the deficit?!

Why don’t you address the premise of the OP… are you ok with your disrupter doing the same thing that past Republican Presidents did… running record deficits?

Fat donald is the corrupt establishment.

If Donald has forever linked conservatism with the worst characteristics of Trumpism (lies, ignorance, arrogance, and corruption) in the minds of Americans, you will likely not be so joyful with the long term effects.


When Obama was spending like crazy, the new rep congress cut the budget. What budget cuts will dem congress propose?

So Trump is waiting on Dems to come and save the day? Lmao!


What budget cuts did Republicans do the last 2 years as the debt exploded more than it ever did under Obama?

Does this mean you don’t think the debt is a problem…