Trump Ran Record $200bil November Deficit

That’s great… Reps are gone forever… Now what?

When did Republicans force Trump to do the same? They’ve been in control for 4 years.

The past is gone… Time for dems to lead…

Dunno, Trump has a State of the Union coming up in Jan, I would assume.

I hope in his speech he will blame the Republicans for not sending a budget that reduces the debt and ask Congress this year to provide a bill that reduces the debt.

If Trump doesn’t, will you complain he doesn’t care?

We all know the rep party is over. The whole country will be like California… So, it’s now time for dems to step up with some leadership. Let’s see it…

Party of responsibility kicks the can further down the road.

How appropriate.

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Seems even dems look to Trump for real leadership…I guess…


10 amradiosgone.

The whole country will not be like California. There are too many red states that suck on the government teat.

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The Dems will not put forth legislation that reduces spending on social programs. It just isn’t happening. IF they decide to save the Presidents butt, they will put forth spending cuts on defense and continue to refuse to fund the wall.

However I suspect Senate and WH to laugh them out of Washington over that.

Yes, California is utopia… go back to Sleep and Blame Trump… The guy who just showed up…lol.

How about undoing irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that were directly responsible for running up the deficit?

Well we all know Boomers retiring are driving the debt, so…

Seriously…how many accounts are you going to create?

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Most, know that’s a small part of the debt. We have record tax receipts… But fine, propose raising taxes…

To put some things into perspective, the November 2018 deficit is roughly half of the entire deficit put up in 2015.

At least we can look forward to a newfound concern about fiscal responsibility from Republicans the moment Democrats take over in 2021 and have to fix all of these problems they were left. As always, the Republican campaign mantra is “You didn’t fix the problems we created and then left for you quickly enough, so put us in power again so we can make more.” .


No one said trump doubled the debt

Wrong again. That brilliant GOP congress has been in office for the last 2 years and doubled the deficit

You are flailing… let’s stay on topic.

I think it’s cute that our tough guy President wants crooked Dems to save his butt…

Of course he hasn’t made a tweet about the record deficit he is running… but you believe he is waiting for Dems before he is able to lead.

Nah- your dumb republican party and Trump ballooned the deficit…

“The massive tax cuts signed into law in December, which Republicans said would pay for themselves, will balloon the U.S. deficit in years ahead, the Congressional Budget Office said…”

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