Trump rally in WVA. Nice to see the president out among the people he supports

Or not… having sex with Trump is lucrative

Trump is talking about his mother cooking a turkey his rally.

His goose is cooked!

Well lets see, in the case of Manafort, he also worked for Ford, Reagan, Dole and George H.W. Bush. So if he made a mistake there, he wasn’t alone.

hes also talking about ways to keep Americans working and fair trade for them

but you work for CNN i understand

Fair trade :joy:

“…and we re not going to be ripped off anymore”

nice to finally. FINALLY hear a president say, that right all you pro-Americans?

America is tbe cleanest country.


screw you Paris accords lol

thank god

What new trade deals has Porno Donno made? Any?

He also said he wouldn’t have time to golf. How’s that going?

Is it comforting in these trying times to be your own echo chamber? :smile:


You know when I think of a president who fights for me… I always say “I want a criminal” :joy:

I hope nobody told the people at the rally that his EPA thing wasn’t going to do much of anything for domestic coal sales. Nobody is going to spend all that money to bring a new coal power plant online with cheap natural gas and the specter of the next Democrat in office cutting their balls off.

Better yet, how many of these folks commit bank fraud or tax evasion?

You think Trump supporters, people who actively attend his rallies, give a flying fig about that? You’re funny.

Not enough money to commit either?

They probably don’t know what bank fraud is.

They just think that they will get rich by voting republican.

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I wonder if they know that the bank fraud occurred long before Trump hired him? I bet they do. I wonder if they know its nowhere near Russian collusion. I bet they do.

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lol. all the hater trolls

probably many people years and years ago.