Trump rally in WVA. Nice to see the president out among the people he supports

Close to where I grew up (in southwest PA)

good ol country American folk.


He’s a human dumpster fire.


I wonder how many of those good Americans find themselves paying off porno actresses to keep them quiet?

I wonder how many of those good people surround themselves with criminal lowlife dogs?

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This might be the most hilariously transparent thread of all time.

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good! cause i have nothing to hide

not from us at least.

huh? lol.

pls dare to make your point loud and clear

Trump is still very popular in West Virginia, and him campaigning could end up helping the GOP Senate Nominee there.

it might. thank you

why do you suppose it would?

Any pornstars nearby? They might want to…ummm… protect themselves…

why would any “pornstars” need protection?

A lot of people know that he’s a criminal.

and, a nazi

Here’s an example of some fine Trumpists.

Probably quite a few on both sides of the aisle.

Witness the

haha he got the “fake news” going…

this is why i tune in. finally a president (non-dem) who calls out the jerk loser press

Trump is such a snowflake. Needs his safe space.


Donald needed some time with Real Americans ™, real salt of the earth sorts, who understand that when you’re trying your darndest to MAGA sometimes you gotta instruct your lawyer to pay off the porn star you were schtupping so she doesn’t say anything that might negatively affect your election chances.

Thoughts and prayers, Donald. Thoughts and prayers.

i knew since the “gay 90’s” that there would be a time when the “anything goes” left and democrats would squint and swallow their own hypocrisy.

in two big gulps