Trump predicts he'll win Minnesota because of America-hating Anti-Semite Omar

Who is Tom Wilson?

How many followers did he have before his Twitter account was suspended?

And how in the hell did a “lib” get his account suspended? I thought only right-wingers are being conspired against on social media?

I edited my post.

How many posts and followers did he have before Twitter suspended his account?

There’s 7 billion people in the world…340 M in the USA.

You find a no name who believes weird ■■■■ and that’s the same as the President of the United States being a xenophobe or tapping into xenophobic tendencies?



Totally a rational way to debate in society.

No big deal. Got it. lol

No, Trump is looking for a fight. I know a lot of people like him. He’s got the old man syndrome, but no wife to argue with, so he goes on twitter spewing bile everywhere.

Yes- it’s not earth-shattering news that pedophiles exist…given a population of 7 B it’s to be expected.

Given statistics it’s almost certain there are pedophiles who are conservatives too.

Just as there are “lib” racists.

So the conclusion is nobody can call out racism when they see it because someone somewhere who shares other political beliefs in common with them is also a racist?

So…your point?

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OK, JayJay. Thank you. lol

You have it backwards. Watch a few video clips of some of the outrageous things the Squad is saying especially Omar. She is quite open with what she is spewing toward Israel and the US.

I’m sure in your head you think you’ve scored a point.

Spewing hate or being critical of their government’s policies? I find people sometimes have a difficult time separating the two when it comes to Israel.

In my head, I vomited a little watching child predators being defended as no big deal. Thank you for being so candid though, I always appreciate an honest opinion.

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I didn’t defend pedophilia as “no big deal”.

I said it’s no big deal that they exist.

It’s not earth-shattering news…everyone knows pedophiles exist.

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Spewing hate. She even seems to feel we had it coming as to 911. She was strongly hinting at that the other day.

She is clearly antisemetic and antiamerican.

I don’t keep up on the latest political gossip. Can you give me some (in context) quotes?

Yeah, saying outrageous things and responding to every perceived slight and insult has really been an ineffective political strategy these last three years.

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Videos are not gossip. Google Omar’s speeches.

Amazing that some prefer turning a blind eye and deaf ear.

Apparently independents only care if Democrats act crazy.

Yes you keep pretending that’s what I was doing…

Oh…I missed the part where it was based on the color of her skin and not the content of her character? Please elaborate on how you knew the difference?

Yes Jay went for the proablites arguement and you wanted the emotional omg how dare they.

You think he is defending when all he is doing is playing with the numbers and scale.