Trump peddles lie about Ilhan Omar dancing/celebrating on 9/11 anniversary

More grotesque behavior from the president that will likely be dismissed by his supporters as an example of him “owning” the libs.

On September 13th an activist took a video of Omar dancing at a Congressional Black Caucus event. This video was later taken by a conservative “comedian” and turned into an attack on Omar, claiming she was somehow celebrating the anniversary of 9/11. President Trump used his platform to retweet the remarks to his millions of followers. The tweet from the comedian was eventually removed by Twitter because it was blatantly peddling dangerous lies, but who knows how many saw it thanks to the signal boost given to it by Trump.

When will enough be enough for Trump and his supporters? When one of the nutters inspired by his reckless hate and lies guns down Omar? Or will that just be considered another casualty in their battle to “Keep America Great”?

Give Fat donald a break, he was just joking when he retweeted that dangerous tweet.


Looks like original tweet was since deleted ?


By Twitter…yes. After Trump boosted it to tens of millions of people.

It’s still there.

You have to go to fat donald’s twitter account. To me at least, the linked tweet is still accessible.

Oh god it’s Terrence K. Williams, lol !!!

RT so everyone can see!

Yep that’s always something that is usually true.

Yeah, he’s a piece of work. :rofl:

The dear Congressperson opened herself up to the criticism with some people did some things rhetoric.

Looks more like a parody on false equivalencies to me.


It was all a joke from fat donald! A parody! :rofl:

What Omar said I do not disagree with.

It was extremely poorly worded and is extremely insensitive to those who lost people in 9/11… but she isn’t wrong about the abuses of people who were Muslim and had nothing to do with the attack in the aftermath of 9/11.

The incidents after 911 were few and far between and often targeted innocent people of INDIAN heritage.

BTW Omar is wrong about CAIR being founded after 911. It was founded in 1994.


Yeah… she is wrong about the date of the founding of care… but that is not what I was addressing.

The “some people did something” phrase that is being thrown about.

The Government detained hundreds of Muslim men that had no connection to the attack for an average of three to eight months. Never charged with a crime and some of them in solitary.

As I said… she said something correct in a poorly worded way that has brought a lot of this hate on to herself.

The point is that our president saw this tweet and his second thought wasn’t if it was made up, but rather he could use it to inflict damage. This has been his MO. He believes that he can lie and just make ■■■■ up and it doesn’t matter because it’s good for the base.

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The media and dems lied for 3 years about Trump being a Putin agent. …To foment hate.

I know a leftist tried to shoot reps over that…

Antifa is a hate group…

Pfft. Truth is so 2015.

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No, The collusion hoax pushed by our FBI will work for a long time…

And I’m happy dems love Omar and AOC. It shows how nuts they are…