Trump or Recession - Please Vote Before Posting

  • 4 more years of Trump
  • 4 years of recession

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I believe some are willing to endure a recession to win an election.

The media is starting to promote it.

If you had to choose between two bad choices, which do you choose?

Between now and 2024.

I was working for the government for the last one, so it wasn’t bad for me. I had a lot of friends who suffered a great deal.

I’ll put up with a lot of sleazebag in the White House before I watch people lose their homes.


So are you saying we have to power to start a recession? Is that what the media is promoting?

According to cons on this site, if you pull yourself up by your bootstraps you will never lose your home. Repossession happens because someone buys an iPhone or a laptop for their kids to do their homework on.


Did you vote?

There’s going to be another recession. It’s inevitable. If somehow there wasn’t one in the next decade, that would be a miracle.


What does your poll say?

Its an idiotic poll, voting for Trump is a vote for economic disaster, so a recession would be the lesser of two evils.


Agreed. So I need a defined timeline? How about between now and 2024?

I would definitely bet on it regardless who the president is.

Interesting. But you have a choice here.

For someone who supposedly doesn’t like Trump, you sure appear to like Trump.


That recession is about as real as the Russian collusion hoax, :rofl:

Did you vote?

Did you vote?

No, is it required?


It is requested. Perhaps it wasn’t clear in the title, I’ll fix it.

There, all better.

It’s a false choice. The recession will likely happen with or without Trump, though he might hasten it.

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Only if you believe in fairy tales and Russian collusion hoaxes.