Trump openly suggests Ukraine and now China should investigate Bidens

Any Trumpsters have problem with this? A commentator on CNN had an interesting take on it…He’s just trying normalize his behavior by bringing out in the open.

You’re a second hand source, fake news!


They’re totally lying about the thing they’re trying to impeach me for, so allow me to openly say the thing they’re trying to impeach me for so that they can impeach me for it.


Another nail in his coffin.

Democrats didn’t care about all the crimes Obama committed. Republicans aren’t going to care about anything Trump did until democrats show they are serious about prosecuting all crimes, and not just the ones committed by Trump.


Trump needs to go, he’s inviting foreign interference into our election process. I’m not sure what can be defended here.

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Here’s my question. Don’t we have a Department of Justice, and a legal system to handle these investigations. Doesn’t the President simply have to say to the FBI here is some credible evidence…go investigate Joe Biden and his son? I know that this is kind of simplistic thinking…but why does the president so much want to involve foreign governments into investigations of citizens.

Does the President not have faith in our legal system, our department of justice…his hand picked acting attorney general doesn’t instill confidence enough to have investigations done by the FBI? Trump wants the Chinese AND the Ukrainians to handle these things? WHY?


Good question…Maybe because those countries investigative standards/laws (gathering evidence,
coercive testimony etc) are not as strict as ours. Making it easier to get the results they are looking for…

SO in essence you are saying the president does not have faith in our own Department of Justice or Legal system.

I remember the good old days when Jack Kennedy would only have to say to his Brother Bobby…Go investigate this guy Mr. Attorney General.

Love it. Every day he digs the hole deeper.


Absolutely INSANE. We cannot let this behavior be normalized.

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You realize we’re only a couple days away from Trump “joking” that if China can find dirt on Biden he’ll give ground in trade negotiations right?

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It’s hyperbole. He’s joking. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked Russia the same thing.

If North Korea can find some dirt, they can have their nukes back! Iran too!

“They (Ukraine) should investigate the Bidens”

“Likewise, China should start an investigation into the Bidens”

-fat donald

All in one swoop, right out in the open.


Biden and son did it. We all know it. That’s why the dems had to invent fake news about Ukraine…

The prosecutor BIden fired will testify, if dems try impeachment.


Did what?


None of this makes any sense.

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The uncomfortable questions are going to be asked a lot now.

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You know it, and i know it, and everyone knows it. Next question. Say it. Say it.