Trump offered Assange a pardon

Yesterday in a British Court Julian Assange said trump offered him a pardon if he would say Russian didn’t interfere in the 2016 election

Given Trumps corruption I believe Assange

Sounds plausible to me - it’s always about Russia. Named Dana Rohrabacher as the person offering it.

Drainin’ that swamp!

Not technically illegal!

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Not technically illegal, and if it was, so what? Get over it.


what “corruption?”

Psst, I am fairly certain Assange already did. Bit odd to go around offering people things to do something they already have.


I tend to come at it from the other angle, who proved they did? As opposed to saying trust me, we know they did?

Guccifer 2.0 slipped up in March 2018 and forgot to turn his VPN on before posting stuff and revealed that he is Russian Intelligence.

That is one of the ways that we know.


Libs will believe anything…

Uh huh. Foreign intelligence agencies are incapable of getting their work blamed on someone else. Oh wait, that is one of the primary things they do. At any rate, that is the accusation yes, any link to it actually being proven in say, a court of law?

You know. Other accusations…based on about as much as this one.

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Trump offered me a pardon to cover up that I worked for Russians, which I have been denying. The United States is corrupt. Therefore, you cannot extradite me there.

----At least that’s what I’m thinking hes thinking.

“Court of Law” is now the new standard for belief?

You really want to go down that rabbit hole of what will and will not be believed unless it is proven in a “court of law”?

But anyway.

Guccifer 2.0 claimed to be Romanian but metadata on the dumps showed it to be Russian origin, his Romanian was terrible and the VPN incident shows that he is GRU.

The role of Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear in hacking and disseminating the stolen info from the DNC through wikileaks and DC Leaks is pretty well documented.

So while there isn’t the standard of a “court of law” because it has never been to court, there is the intelligence assessments of the US Intelligence Agencies along with the entire Western World in showing the activities of the disinformation campaigns that are becoming more and more normal since Brexit.

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Hardly a new standard in regard to believing someone or something is guilty of committing a crime in America. Are you from here? Of course seeing primary evidence myself could also work but I haven’t seen that either,.

As far as this claim by Assange.

We do know that he did meet with Rohrbacher for about three hours in 2017, but whether a pardon was discussed is unclear to me.

Assange is a liar, and without hard evidence I don’t believe a word that he says.

A Russian GRU agent is not going to be tried in the US.

So what circumstance would this be proven in a “court of law” ?

But what we do know, is Assange was saying the Russians didn’t do it back in 2016, before that meeting took place. Hardly credible he was offered a pardon to repeat himself.

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Try them in absentia then. Either way, I don’t take people’s word for it.

That is rich