Trump: Never Again

Never again, huge deficit spending! Sad!

And no more bills like that without at least funding the wall! :rofl:.

But of course, he’s doing it again.

And nary a peep from the tea partiers.

Never again, except for the next time.

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You’re not getting a wall.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1042740913968164864&

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Lol…he is so tough…draining that swamp


Yup, he’s throwing out vetoes left right and centre in an effort to fight that DC swamp!

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He is so weak… his party just ignores him.

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Tea party = identity politics

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Well … well. … well … he’ll do it this one last time, but after this time, never never never again. Believe me, he has the strongest will, the most unbelievably big will really. No one has a will as strong as his.

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Look, be patient it’s coming. After the elections. Or after 2020. Or maybe during the Pence admin.


The coward once again shows his true colors. He doesn’t care about a wall or changing immigration policy. These are just empty campaign promises used to get the base all riled up and willing to vote for him. He is like every single other politician before him. Using rhetoric for power. And the dupes cheer wildly and with reckless abandon.


The Wall is really more valuable as a campaign promise than it would be as a reality.


I know there is some sarcasm here but it is quite accurate too. It’s a powerful rhetorical tool to drive GOTV and would be a horrible practical boondoggle that wouldn’t really stop anything.

Fear not, denizens of Trumpistan - as we speak the Tea Party is charging their mobility device batteries to 100%, and will soon march (roll) on DC en masse to check wasteful spending and political corruption.

Meetup at Cracker Barrel for breakfast beforehand!


Reportedly, they have even though far enough ahead to reserve a table for 2.

Confucius say, “Avalanche begins with the fall of pebbles.”


He is signing it?


What a ■■■■■■

In fact, that is what the Germans were saying and laughing about. He is a complete ■■■■■■ Never had a bigger ■■■■■ in the White House.


We know it.

Trumpstains know it.

The world knows it.

One problem here. Trump will sign a short-term spending bill not a budget bill.

Same with Lock Her up chat. My god I wish they could find something to lock Clinton up for, but idiots are too dum to realise that Clinton has done nothing illegal, all bribes and corruption she has done is 100% legal…we need change our system of legal bribes in America, too bad most Trump supporters love the money in politics.

Kick it down the road. How come he couldn’t bully anyone into putting wall funding into the bill?

Why does there need to be wall funding?
I thought Mexico was paying for it!

I had one poster explain to me yesterday explain to me that Mexico would be paying for it due to our economy growing and thus revenue from taxes increasing.

I asked who paid those taxes. Still waiting on an answer - lol


It is basically meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Yet the cult would like us to believe that somehow Trump is different. The only difference is the outright and blatant level of corruption and incompetence he has brought to the swamp.