Trump needs a new plane...Donate

Ya can’t make this stuff up… :rofl:

They’ll buy it for him.

Agreed. Now here is the tails side of this same coin.

He’ll be back in the big bird before you know it.


A comedian making a joke and a billionaire politician fleecing his supporters to get himself a new plane are on the same coin? C’mon man… :woozy_face:

And he’ll keep the freebie plane he suckered his supporters into buying… :rofl:

If pastors can do it, so can he!


I already got my begging email from trump…

Always donate money to a billionaire.


It’s fleecing if he says the money for one thing and it goes for another. It’s not fleecing if he asks people to,donate for his plane expenses and they choose to do so. I personally choose not to do so, but feel free to donate if you wish.
Save your indignation to a VPs sone going around to,countries his father deals with to collect money for himself and “the Big Guy”.


There isn’t a tails side. Your guy is grifting you. And your sheeple are lining up at the trough. Baa Baa. Trump is awesome.

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Meh. …Better than flying Air epstein like another former president we know.

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Well if you’re going to tee it up…lol

The logs show that Trump took multiple trips on Epstein’s plane in the 1990s—six more than were previously disclosed—while flights by Clinton and Prince Andrew were already public knowledge.”

trump was a former president/politician at that time??

That makes difference? He flew on his jet multiple times.

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Doing the same thing clint*n was doing?

What was Clinton doing?

Joe…is that you? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Buy it for him. You know you want to.

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It’s hilarious.

“Do you remember Trump Force One?” the email reads. “Before becoming the greatest President of all time, I traveled the Country in my plane, known as Trump Force One."

Yup, he still believes that he was the greatest of all time.