Trump must turn over tax returns to NY prosecutors, judge rules

Breaking now. This is what I would call a bad day for Trump.

Trump will keep on appealing and run out the clock.


What’s he hiding? Must be bad.


Yeah we won’t see it until the trump is the former president.


If only the IRS would finish those darn audits.

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Even if he loses all appeals, including the SC. No way in hell will he ever turn over his tax returns.

It’s not him turning over his tax returns but his accountants.


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Thats why he must win this election. Bad.

Yesterday was a hard day for the president. Maybe now would be a great start to Infrastructure Week.

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we do have an IRS (full of big govt lefty jerks)

if hes doing something illegal, he would be found.

Yes - but there are special procedures in cases such as where issues may arise in the taxes of a sitting president. The public may or may not see any of that.

in what circumstance?

per any laws?

is there precedent? any examples?

but you assured us just two weeks ago he could not? did reality hurt?

I assured what. I know how the courts work.

I assumed nothing of the sort. Wrong poster.