Trump loses New York court fight to keep his tax returns secret

The headline should probably read more accurately, he loses round one…

I thought the opening paragraph was pretty blunt… Heck, if a president can be called into court to testify in a CIVIL case, how would they be immune from a CRIMINAL case?

The headline is misleading. A judge in New York has ruled against Trump but Trump is appealing the decision, claiming that a sitting President cannot be the subject of a criminal investigation. This fight will go on.

That’s cute. We own the supreme court now, so libs lose. We just have to pretend to go through the motions.

This post is cute. Thanks. :sunglasses:

“We own the Supreme Court.” Think about what that says about justice, about corruption and about how pride goeth before a fall.

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Think they will overturn Clinton v. Jones?,and%20unrelated%20to%20the%20office.

Doesn’t matter. Because we also own the DOJ.

But will Trump defy the federal courts?

He won’t have to, they are his. Get it? We won, you lost. Suck it.

His tax returns are his property?

Interesting twist I had forgotten… He has till 1:00pm today to get a delay or Mazar’s will start turning over the documents per a prior agreement by his attorneys…

Better move quick they have till 1 PM today



I would be very surprised if Trump’s lawyers are not on top of this… Its their job to protect their client’s interests.

As opposed to the one-party dictatorship the left wants?

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For real, they keep saying the left wants a dictatorship, but who is going to be the dictator.

I bet they really wish Hillary Clinton would have won. She was their boogeywoman for, like, the last thirty years.


Yes Sir. It has never happened before because the other President’s released their tax returns.
What an idiot.

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Is that the latest CEC talking point or did you come up with that one yourself?

This is funny stuff right here.

…if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!).

Your party’s President. Today.

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Who on the left wants republicans control of anything? Or republican opposition?