Trump lies about the stock market

The liar in chief blamed the latest downturn on Democrats.

No proof. No evidence. Yet another lie.

Defend it, cons.

Honestly. One of the predictions I have been making that I had the most faith in. I did think that he would at least wait until they took office.

Something bad must be about to break for the President.

It is the only thing that explains the past few days.


The wheels seem to be coming off this week…

So will democrats get credit when it goes back up 400 points by the end of the week?


This is me not surprised. Heck, Republicans were blaming Democrats for the slow stock market months ago.

Like the servants they are, trumpists will accept all lies by lord trump

Hmmm…I’ll make thread and see!

Yep. Historically, this is the way he’s acted just before indictments/very bad news hit.

Between the election not turning out quite like he thought on Wednesday and the likihood of indictments this week - his tweet raging will be epic this week.

I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with this

Apple stocks went down because Sinema is still up about 30k votes. New election or it goes lower tomorrow folks.


You’d think, but he’s practically been scraping downhill on bare axles for like a year.

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Trump lie, someone bring me my fainting couch.

I’ve noticed that. Dems take the House and they immediately lose their minds even more than they had before.

how so? examples?

What do you think about Trumps blatant lie about the stock market?

Trump rants and raves but but but Dems in disarray.

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S.O.P. It will always be about him.

Nearly every thread in this forum in the last few days. Plus, their big move is to try to get Trumps tax returns. Spiteful babies.

yeah not quite