Trump lawyers try to put limits on Mueller questions

More of the attack on the Mueller investigation. This time, his lawyers are asking Mueller to limit questions about Trump’s conduct to only that before the inauguration. That Mueller would even agree is silly and hopefully unlikely.

Keep at it, Bob. Don’t let him stop you.

Correction: That would be before the election, which would limit things even more. Where’s the damn edit button?

Mueller should just subpeona Trump for his testimony. It’s obvious to everyone Trump is delaying for as long as he possibly can.

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He should demand the same treatment they gave Hillery and her criminal gang, immunity from prosecution.

Let’s see if we can figure out what questions will be allowed.

“Exactly how big was the crowd at your inauguration?”

“Compared to other electoral victories how uuuuuge was yours?”

“Can I hear some of your best words?”

“I hear you’re a stable genius. I was online the other day and saw the word cofeve. I have never seen it before. Have you heard of it? And what does it mean?”

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Hillary didn’t get immunity from anything. Donald’s DOJ could file on her tomorrow.

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Somehow I doubt Mueller is going to listen to Trump’s $.02 lawyers.

I am calling BS on that. Besides, how the hell would you know, they made no records of the interview?

If Donny is totally innocent " no collusion" etc why are his lawyers trying to put limits on any questions Mueller might have for him?

Heh, ok.


that is a very, very interesting question.

Donald curses the day he realized the bone spurs in his left/right/middle foot would deny him military glory and a professional bowling career.

Thankfully his debilitating condition wouldn’t preclude him from attaining glory in Personal Vietnam.

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They are trying to limit the questioning to the collusion.

If you were the president’s lawyer, what would you be doing for your client?

Before or after I made sure his check cleared?


Trying to make sure he doesn’t get busted for anything.

and in President Trump’s current role, Captain Robert Swan Mueller III would have called him “Sir”.

He’d still deliver a beat-down to the Cheddar Tator. And he may yet…

I predict that Mueller’s career and reputation will be destroyed if he continues with this witch hunt. Trump will not have to lift a finger. Mueller will do himself him.

Your predictive capabilities are laughable.

How many guilty pleas has Mueller collected?

How many people are now cooperating witnesses?

How many indictments?

Meanwhile, the Loaded Cheddar Tater is freaking out. You too, it would appear.