Trump lashes out like a child at Lebron James

Who cares about Lebron James???
What does Basketball have to do with politics?
Now a days all you have to do is be a liberal in the media, and you can be a politician!
You’re the ones that look like little babies crying all of the time!
Owe Trump hurt my feelings. lol.

This thin skin pile of crud is supposed to be a role model for all Americans (especially children) but instead acts like a 4 year old.

Libs are being slam dunked by the President…that’s what. :sunglasses:

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King James for President!

Who’s with me???

Ask trump why.


i dont care what trump says about basketball or any pro sports players

nor would if Obama, same

sounds like to me trump just hit back after being bashed. i would expect obama to do same

For what reason? Lebron James is an extremely generous human being and very active in the Cleveland community. He’s been a role model citizen for young people of color.

It’s rather non-presidential to call people dumb. Actually, it’s rather juvenile to call people dumb in general.

James’ point was that Trump is dividing our nation and not being a good role model for the country. Both statements are true.

Why not instead of insulting people and degrading the presidency every day in office, why not have a sit down with James and discuss how can be more inclusive? You know, show some class and being the President of everybody, rather than the president of the Q-people and the religious right.


I don’t believe you. You would be losing your mind right about now.


What happened to the other thread?

I think it was getting to rambunctious.:sunglasses:

attention everyone…

trump is not presidential

i doubt most of his voters expected that and bet many voted for him just for that reason

i dont see trump “dividing this country” i do see sportsgods and hollywoods dividing though

yeah a “sit down” like pirro and whoopi, huh?

or like with ingraham and cowardly Hogg who refused

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Lebron and Kaepernick actually spend their personal time and money out there helping others. They’re out there working toward fixing the problems they’re passionate about. They aren’t just loudmouths behind a phone screen.

As opposed to Trump, who started a scam university to enrich himself and rip people off.

Honestly, we need more Jameses and Kaepernicks than we need Trumps.


He is and this Nov. trump and his supporters will find out the results of this division.

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I thought it was about that book published in 1611.

Let's settle this whole thing by comparing the two schools begun by LeBron James and the president*. Which one of them was a multimillion dollar fraud?

— Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) August 4, 2018

There was another thread on this same topic this morning and the OP referred to Lebron as King James.

No words in the op that require deletion this time :sunny:

The original had a no no word in the op that required deletion.

Oh no! Are we gonna have to look at this face of disappointment again?


Ahh ok. Thanks.