Trump lashes out like a child at Lebron James

Going lower and lower into the gutter. I am embarrassed that we have this pile of ■■■■ as president.

how dare he insult the cream of society - pro basketball players.

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Trump huggers would be losing their minds if Obama did exactly the same thing. In this case just replace Lemon with Hannity and LeBron with Tom Brady. You would be having a complete meltdown right now.


Someone said that a jock is dumb.


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Not just someone, the president of the most powerful country on earth. I think trump is becoming unhinged and senile, there’s no other way to explain this behavior. My grandkids have more testraint than this pile of ■■■■■


What’s sad is that you’re serious.

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Ok mods…here we go again.:sunglasses:

What happened to the other one?

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Imagine Obama going after Brady on twitter

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What’s sad is that people are defending our sitting president for having nothing better to do with his time than tweeting like an angry teenager.


I wrote the same scenario on my second post. Trump supporters would be losing their minds.

The question isn’t how, it’s why. Why would the POTUS say something like this?

Are you serious? This president does more work and accomplishes more in a day than Obama, Bush, Clinton, had in their entire term. And he still has time to attack the lying media, which he needs to do in order to set the record straight.


LeBron gave millions to educate children, his foundation opened a school in his hometown.

Trump gave millions back to adults he conned at his “university”.


Ya got me? I thought it was just getting ready to…rumble.

Did the other one?

He hasn’t done squat except golf at his resort, troll and act like a complete child.

What other one?

More like…if that’s what a President looks like who is accomplishing all that he is…well…alrighty then.:sunglasses: