Trump: Kim Jong Un "loves his people"


Well it’s either Kim love or prostitute love. So pick your poison. You want a bullet or a sweaty Donald?


I meant porn star love.

We need an edit but quick.


A Hobson’s Choice if ever one existed. :flushed:


It works either way.


I’d still like an edit butt though.


Yes, Kim loves his people…TO DEATH


Ollie, ollie in come free!!!


you don’t need to take it at all. Trump did not say it for your consumption. And it’s worthless for propaganda in a country whose people have already decided for or against their loyalty to their leader… especially when the words come from a man that Kim does not want his people to believe. (because in Kim’s mind… what if Trump turns on Kim and represents evil to NoKo. Then these complements come from evil incarnate. Kim does not want that.) So untwist your panties. Trump likely said it to improve his rapport with Kim.


Of course he will. There isn’t a position that Trump has taken that he hasn’t changed.


Kim Jong-un is just big snuggly teddy bear. All the reports of murder, torture, enslavement, imprisonment, sexual violence, starvation, and persecution are just fake news stories promoted by the liberal media.


I love the variations of phrases like this. It wasn’t “in come free” when I was growing up, it was, “oxen free”. Do you say “kitty-corner” or “catty-corner”?


Serious question: Is there a President Trump statement/action that you’ve ever disagreed with?


Its odd that Trump is nicer to the worst Dictator currently alive then one of their longest allies.




Heathen, it’s kitty-corner, where did you grow up? Chicago for me.


Mostly Dc metro. You people say “pop.” You have no standing.


Oh well that’s just a completely insane thing to say.


It’s not odd at all, it fits a pattern. Putin, Duterte, Xi, Al Saud & now Kim Jong Un. Those are the leaders that Trump admires the most and praises in interviews


:smile: I always said “soda”, my mother grew up in Louisville, I don’t know if that’s why we used that word at home.


It must be why. Midwesterners are very serious about the word. I went to Northwestern. First time I knew it was a thing.