Trump is taking almost $1 billion from Navy shipbuilding projects to build the border wall

If I was trying to crib money from somewhere, the Navy shipbuilding fund is literally the LAST place I would go looking.

If your going to take money from defense, a strategy I will never endorse, BUT if your going to do it, I can suggest a better and more productive transfer.

However about ending all these endless wars and bring the troops home.

Reduce the United States Army end strength by 40,000 men.

With the money saved and presumably transferred by “emergency” fiat, again something I won’t endorse, just showing a better way, double both ICE and the Border Patrol, both currently at 20,000 agents. Given the soldiers being RIFed priority and preferential consideration for the new ICE and Border Patrol positions.

FORGET THE ****** ******* WALL!!!

Take those new agents and create a constant “swarm” of manned and unmanned eyes along the border. Create such a presence so that agents can be at any location along the border in a matter of minutes.

The wall is ineffective and worthless and any money used on it is wasted money.

If you are interested in REAL security and border integrity, only real people on real patrol will ensure either goal.

Again, I don’t approve of ripping off the Department of Defense in this manner. But if it is going to happen, at least do something that will ******* work and provide border security and integrity. The wall is a ******* joke.

As for the Navy.

The Navy has ALREADY submitted a reduced shipbuilding budget. The 355 ship navy will never happen. Trump’s “redirection” of money to the foolish wall will likely cost an America-class amphibious assault ship at the very least and likely another vessel.




Let’s see, people have climbed over it. Dug under it. Cut right through it. Cut right throw it and drove a truck through it.

In other words, the wall is worthless and as waste of time and money.


And don’t forget, some wind blew it over.



Yep without the wall they wouldn’t have to take the time to climb over it dig a tunnel, cut a hole and any vehicle could drive over.

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Not with all the patrol agents around.


We don’t need anymore GBGBs.

Wait until the Democratic president takes the money for health care.

A billion is a start, anyway.

Take another billion by closing bases in California. They don’t value them anyway.


Securing the border as a priority makes solid sense.

Illegal crossings are down 95-99% where the new barriers have been put in place.

It’s working as designed.


The problem with that is if we close bases where they aren’t welcomed we’d lose the entire west cost.

No, the only wind damage was on a section that was under construction where the footings hadn’t yet been poured and it was a very quick, easy fix.

Well obviously that’s not true or we wouldn’t be seeing the dramatic reductions where the new barriers have been erected.

It would take a force of at least a couple of hundred thousand agents to have the same effect all along the border and we’d still have a massive problem with far more illegals crossing than the system can process in a timely and humane manner.

Media have made another false narrative so the TDS-ers can light their hair on fire.


Not all. Just a billion worth.

At the price of real estate along the coast this would be one time the gov’t could actually sell something at a profit. :rofl:

Sell it off and just build inland canals to man made harbors in Nevada, Utah and Idaho. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Which still does not give Trump one iota of right to make that decision.

If Congress wanted to secure the border, they should have specifically appropriated money to the purpose. The President should not be abusing emergency provisions of statute as a loophole to get what Congress clearly rejected.

But since shipbuilding is obviously NOT a priority, then I don’t think anybody would mind if the appropriations for Navy shipbuilding are permanently reduced by the amount of money the President took from the shipbuilding fund.

If they can be taken for another purpose than obviously they are not needed at all.