Trump is right about mass European migration

It’s a bad thing. A really bad thing. European families tend to be highly educated with one or two educated kids. Both parents work and are equal partners. Islamic migrant families tend to be less educated with five or six kids. The wife does not work and is totally subservient to the husband. Educating the daughters is not a priority. Daughters are raised to be inferior to men. Europe is importing a class of people who will remain poor, living in Islamic areas and dependent on government. Areas with high levels of migration have seen spikes in violent crime, rape and other crimes against women. They view women as property and there is no evidence that they are willing to adapt to the European view on women’s rights. They reproduce at an alarming rate which means their power will grow and so will the oppression. It is no secret that countries with high Islamic populations are some of the most oppressive regimes in the world. Importing large numbers of third world poor does nothing to reduce poverty. It only makes the host nation more poor. Being careful will massive migration is the smart thing to do. Trump is right.

I will respectfully ask, that rather than immediately resorting to name calling and labeling which typically happens first, explain why the above is not true.

In a liberal forum such as this, I am pleasantly surprised that there is no real disagreement on this issue.

You did it first.


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So you agree with the President on this issue?

There are ways to argue against migration in Europe, the OP is not one of them.

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Where is Trump’s quote that you consider to be “right”?

You do know what you posted in the OP is quite the epitome of anti Muslim xenophobic rhetoric, right?

There is little I agree with in regards what Donald Trump says.

You did not provide any quote of his that you based the OP conclusion upon.

Okay. Fair enough. Are there any of my points that you see as untrue? Any that you agree with?

As blanket statements I do not agree with any of it.

Perfect! Because I did not make a blanket statement. I used the word “tend” and by definition, I am correct. For example: Islamic areas of Europe tend to have higher crime than non Islamic areas. You can dance around it all you like Lou, but mass migration reduces the quality of life for those in the areas where it is occurring. Dat’s da fact, Jack.

1-2 kids doesn’t give growth, simple economics. See Japan.

Just one issue that jumped out immediately in a world where GDP growth is focused on.

We have 7 billion people in the world right now. We were fine when we had 5 or 6 billion. I don’t think that 8 billion is necessarily better. GDP is a pyramid scheme that never ends. When we have 10 billion, people will claim we need 12 billion. What a nightmare.

Also, adding millions of poor to your country reduces GDP. It doesn’t help at all.

Ok fine. But my points are pretty much spot on. If you have another argument, lets hear it.

No one asks why they are not having kids only that they are not meeting growth rates. It’s as if the citizens in Europe’s reproductive organs quit working. There is detailed polling on these matters the number one given reason is the cost it takes to raise a child in the west.

The answer from the leaders seems to be to take care of that by importing poor people who can’t speak the language in to have babies and oh by the way since you couldn’t afford to have a baby before you definitely will not be able to later because we’re going to have to raise taxes to pay for the migrants.

Actually I’m ok with this method because since the mass immigration happened in 2015 the center left is being wiped out each election and the whole bloody thing is falling apart. They reap what they sow and the people are overwhelmingly against the migration.

Just not true, they fill swaths of labor that 2nd-3rd generation immigrants no longer will. I live in SoCal and this is just the way of life, the notion that say… “Mexican immigrants are welfare leaches” is ridiculous, some of the hardest working people I know.

I do not necessarily disagree, overpopulation is a problem.

But the reality is that every election has a huge focus on economic growth, and the primary means to economic growth is population growth; this is documented very well and examples like Japan show how countries trend with development in the absence of immigration.

Japan is often framed as a failure because of their lack of growth after the 80’s, due to their cultural resistance to immigration, which is what off-sets demographic changes that occur with development (older and smaller families) in other western countries.

To reiterate, I am actually pretty pessimistic about humanity due to population growth. There is certainly a carrying capacity on earth and basic population dynamics show that once reached it precipitates collapse (like 90% collapse…).

Nobody said they were not hard working. But they are low skilled, more likely to need government assistance and are grossly over represented in our prisons. And the demand for low skilled jobs is shrinking, not growing. Technology is rapidly making it possible to do a lot of low skilled jobs without them. This revolution has just begun. In other words they are becoming a dependent class.

Same arguments (they’re going to take over!!!) have been made throught out our history, regardng Germans, Italians, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, Muslim. etc., etc.

2nd generation and beyond immigrants tend to more closely match the birthrate of their adopted countries.