Trump is right about mass European migration

Nope. You are mistaken. Not the same argument at all. Rather than focusing on the Irish why are you not focusing on Islam? Islam does have a tendency to take over then impose their will on the population. Oppressing the rights of minority religions, women and gays just to name a few. Many Islamic countries are the most oppressive countries this side of North Korea. Islam is the world’s only remaining religion of conquest. We cannot assume that they all simply want to assimilate. That is simply a dangerous assumption to make. We need to be careful.

no he is not. Hell the recent World Cup win by France is demonstrably proof against that

The same arguments you make about Muslims were made against the Irish and other immigrants throughout our history -

“[T]hey steal, they are cruel and bloody, full of revenge, and delighting in deadly execution, licentious, swearers and blasphemers, common ravishers of women, and murderers of children.” —Edmund Spencer

“The emigrants who land at New York, whether they remain in that city or come on in the interior, are not merely ignorant and poor—which might be their misfortune rather than their fault—but they are drunken, dirty, indolent, and riotous, so as to be the objects of dislike and fear to all in whose neighbourhood they congregate in large numbers.” —James Silk Buckingham

Yes, there are problems having to do with women’s rights, gay rights (glad to see the right finally concerned about these!) in some predominately Muslim countries, but they are improving. Hell, there were problems in this country with women’s and gay rights, as well.

The Eastern and Western States of America, Volume 3

The Works of Edmund Spenser



Islamic majority countries are not improving once moderate Turkey under Erdogan is turning into a theocracy as well as the moderate Muslim country of Indonesia is under threat.

After those two countries it only goes quicker down hill from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudia Arabia, Iran and all throughout Africa and Middle East their is no beacon of hope of any liberal society forming in Islamic majority countries.

All one has to do is to look at the Arab Spring, it wasn’t democracy they were wanting. Salafism is the fastest growing strain of Islam which is practiced by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, the taliban and a whole bunch of other degenerates that any western country should be weary of letting in.

This thread is exactly why even if the grossest of rumored things about Trump are proven true, most Republicans will vote for him again.

Surely is Trump 100% right about mass immigration to Europe. We have been betrayed during Obamas admin, as they destroyed Libya for no reason, fabricating an open gate to Europe and then caused a civil war in Syria. Our traitors liek Merkel did the rest and opened the borders instead of defending them, like Hungary did it for example. German, Austrain and Italian secretarries of the Interior now closed a deal in Innsbruck last week to block the so called Mediterranean route, but its to expect that the socialist traitors from Spain and France will fabricate a new route to flood us with millions of Africans.[quote=“altair1013, post:1, topic:7353”]
Areas with high levels of migration have seen spikes in violent crime, rape and other crimes against women.
Not only in that areas. It can happen meanwhile everywhere. Moreover, in that areas with to many muslims, the police, ambulance and fire fighters are attacked sometimes and it became more and more difficult to enforce law and order there (=No Go Areas)

JimmyC is more concerned about the way the Irish have taken over much of the world and are demanding obedience. Yeah, I’m confused too.

I’m not talking about the Irish today. The same hatred, ignorance, and fear being exhibited towards Muslims today were exhibited towards Irish (and Germans, Italians, etc) in the past when those groups comprised a significant amount of immigrants. Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think Irish, German, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, and other immigrants have been a detriment to America, despite the fears at the time that they would be.

This thread is exactly correct. Every word of what I wrote is accurate. Which part do you dispute? Is it about the oppression, torture, imprisonment or execution of gays? I did not go into that detail. but we all know that Islam is the most ruthless anti gay force on the planet. But anyone who recognizes this fact is gross? This is what Europe is inviting in. Why the hell would they do that?

I agree that, by and large, most European nations have done an absolute crap job of taking Muslim immigrants in with no real plan to successfully assimilate them.

Do they have a plan to assimilate Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Shinto’s or any other religion? Why do they have to take special care of Islam? If you migrate to another country, it is not the responsibility of the host country to make you successful. That is completely up to the individual. Government owes them nothing. They can assimilate if they choose to. Are they choosing to?

■■■■ the governments owing it to immigrants - they owe it to their citizens.