Trump is missing a huge opportunity

All he needs to do is to hold a press conference and announce that he will not sign any bill that is not a dedicated Covid bill. Do not leave any wiggle room at all. Tell congress: “Send me a ten page, dedicated Covid relief bill and I will sign it. Send me a 6000 page monstrosity and I will not.” Make it impossible for the media to blame him.

Let the media try to spin that.


Lame duck Trump doesn’t give two hoots about anything right now.


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Trump has already missed a great opportunity. He could have signed a bill that, though not perfect, could have injected some relief into the economy at a time when it was greatly needed. Instead, he chose to play games, leaving open the possibility that not only will Americans not get any relief, but that the government may now close down. Great job Mr. President! You had a chance to change your legacy somewhat in a way that you may have done some good on your way out. Now, everyone will remember you as Mr. Scrooge on top of being the guy that whined about losing an election for 2 months.

Did he just find out what’s in the bill when they delivered it? If he was more involved in the bill creation, that could have saved lots of time. Well, what did we expect from someone who don’t give a crap any more.

Do you like my idea?

Do you like my idea?

The idea that has no chance of happening.

It’s all a fantasy and belongs in the fever dreams category.

Trump only cares about trump, but most trump supporters don’t think that is true.


That wasn’t my question. My question continues to be dodged. You are here to express YOUR opinion. So I’m asking for it.

Do you like my idea?

Beats me.

Do you like my idea?

Why argue hypotheticals? Isn’t there enough real stuff going on to discuss.


Because I asked politely of you agree with my thread. And it is the topic of this thread. It would take you one second to type yes or no. BTW. Half of the threads here are hypothetical and you have no problem chiming in.

Yes or no? Don’t be skeered.

The hypothetical idea presented in the OP is a terrible idea.


It will never happen because Mitch and Republicans won’t let it happen. Could you imagine the damage to the Republican Party if Trump got that bill that you want? The only way it would pass would be with Democratic votes with a handful of Republicans. But even then, Mitch would not let it see the light of day in the Senate. Some on the right don’t seem to understand that the $600 was a compromise and it was the Democrats who came down after insisting on $1200.

He’ll be remembered for much, much more than any of your delusional fantasies.

Personally I think this a great idea…so good in fact I would forward this OP directly to the POTUS why he or his administration has not thought of this brilliant idea is :exploding_head:

I’m sure everyone’s favorite one term President will continue to send a tingle up his supporters legs for a long time to come.

Yeah like winning in a landslide in his bid for re election.


1st, there was no 6000 page covid bill.
There was a 6000 page omnibus bill that covered the most of the budget for next FY that ALSO included 900b focused in covid.

The distinction is important. Mitch refused to bring up a straight covid bill. So they attached it to the omnibus bill.

All that money for other countries, is what was requested by the Trump adminstration in their budget.

  1. the House DID propose a short (3 pages?) Clean bill focused only on stimulus checks. GOP blocked it.

  2. Perhaps Trump should have been involved vs having his administration negotiate a bill that he doesn’t like.

So now we have no covid releif, no spending bill for the Government after Monday, and enhanced unemployment just ended.

I know …it’s never Trump’s fault. Bad things just keep happening on his watch.

Trump isn’t smart enough to do anything like this.

So what would be a better idea? The 6000 page POS that floods the world with cash?