Trump is complicit


And you are different how?


The rampant hypocrisy of whining about it.


I don’t wish harm on my fellow Americans.

I can certainly make a point without having to say that I am better than an opposing group.


You are just as tribal as anyone else.


If it makes you feel better to say that… then okay.


Parting of the Red sea meme vanished


It never ceases to amaze me how many people feel they are “different”. Especially young people.


I am in my mid 40’s.

Yes… we are all tribal to certain extents… it is hardwired into us.

Some of us though do try to recognize this flaw in human physiology and recognize where our biases lie.

What you will not find me doing here is posting a dumb and poorly written opinion piece and claiming that “You Libs” have lost their minds. You will also not find me wishing harm from a natural disaster on a section of the country because of a perceived view of their politics. Nor will you find me saying anything along the lines of “unlike stupid and regressive blah blahs I am great”

That puts assumptions on people as a basis of a group and ignores what the individual opinion may or may not be.

If people want to engage in conversation about politics… lets have it.

Simple tribalism is not going to get anyone anywhere and it should be called out and self policed as much as possible.


Maybe you are in the wrong tribe.

Leftists are automatic click clack tribes.


It’s a weird compulsion for you… I get it.



I see someone hven’t been paying attention to left-wing talking heads.


Nope… I don’t.

Why should any of us pay attention to them? They usually say something pretty dumb.


It’s not rocket science to determine who aren’t “tribal”

Trump supporters support him because he like them are independent- minded. The leftist all move in unison like collectivist ■■■■■■■■■■■.


That is quite some projection you have there.

I feel bad for you… I really do.

I think that in the coming months it is going to become harder and harder to reflexively defend the President.

I wish you luck though.


Funny the name of those hated common insects roaches…is censored, all hail the al gore rythm


But yet you have no problem rushing to aid your follow libs…but yet you accuse others of tribalism?

How can anyone take you seriously?


You are projecting my man.


Your posting history speaks for themselves.

When was last time you defended a con?


When I have agreed with something that they did.

On the old board I actually started a thread saying that I agreed with the President working to clarify the jurisdiction of wetland regulations from the Bush 41 era Clean Water Act.

You must have missed it.