Trump is complicit


To take a specific hurricane and claim someone who has been President for less than two years is complicit in its creation says all that one needs to know…about the Washington Post.


Leaders lead… not follow.


That’s actually possible in a 90mph wind. Not fun, not wise, but possible.


Men lead, sheep follow.

One of the funniest claims I’ve ever read here was made by one of our die hard Obama supporters declaring he was actually leading by dong noting in a crisis and allowing the Europeans to take the lead instead in Libya.

She’s quite “special”.


Never been in such wind. 75 mph at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma was the max for me. Scary.


I was like that once in the evenng holding a street pole in Roslyn NY. I was lifted off the ground and hung on I was around 8

It was fun.

Always wondered what my parents were doing, letting me outside in a hurricane. No fear.


When you’re 8 you have no idea of just how close you are to death.

We got hung in the down burst from a collapsing thunderstorm and had to grab onto a fence. I was in my twenties, my partner in his forties and we both knew just how close we were to death.

Did something similar as a young teenager just because we could and we wanted to watch the tornado passing by. It was stupid.


I’m right in the middle of libsville and it’s landing right on me and my kids tomorrow. Hope that makes you feel better.


So evacuate!


I’m inland. Im not in a lot of danger, but gonna be a mess here.


i mean if this is the route you want to go then we can start linking some really fun Op-eds from right wing sites.


Well, take some pictures. Watch out for power lines.


Of course you would post Pepe memes.

It all makes sense.



Just looking there were 50 Hurricane hitting NY since 1950. And many going back into previous centuries.

This is life.


And fewer in recent decades than in the early half of the last century.


Nobody wonders that.


Ants might be a tad bit smarter than humans. They know to build on higher ground once they’ve been flooded out.


Only because nobody will rescue them or bail them out.


Just checking in to see if conan is still gleeful that a hurricane is putting American lives at risk.