Trump is complicit

You libs have lost your minds.

If you wanted to be specifically correct in your opinion you would say the Editorial staff of the Washington Post have lost their minds… since I don’t think anyone here wrote that piece.

Did you read the piece?

Of course.

I’m good with what I got.

If we affect our environment and are making things worse should we not try to fix it not make it worse?

If Trump is complicit he must somehow be responsible for one of the calmest Atlantic tropical seasons we’ve had in decades.

In fact, the Atlantic has been seeing below normal water temps and storms for the majority of the season and we’re now in the latter half of it.

It isn’t exactly new that it warms up in August and September when it’s been dong that as long as temps have been recorded in the basin.

You were saying?

That is not an answer.

No one here has said that Trump is complicit.

My own opinion is that I am disappointed that the President has left the Paris Climate Agreement… not just for the reasons of AGW but because the US is the only country to not be a signatory of the agreement.

It is feasible that some time in the future there will be an international agreement about emissions and that would be tied to imports and exports… and the US has given up its seat at the table… so we will have no say in standards that we will have to defacto comply with.

But further than that… you guys won. You have convinced enough people that AGW is not a problem because it might cost some money now.

Now it will cost a lot more in the future and for that we are all complicit.

The author of the article specifically claims he’s complicit.

I won’t disagree with that.

That isn’t the point I was making.

That’s exactly what you claimed.

I almost want to say it is like “we’ve had no rain this summer, sacrifice a virgin to please the Gods” kind of mentality.

Nope. Read it again.

Well, that’s not true.

Is the Washington Post editorial board here?

The Canadian office is.

It’s funny-I get accused of being a lib all the time, but I’ve always pushed back against extreme views like this-especially when it comes to the environment.

This is absolutely absurd-we can definitely be better stewards of the earth, in A LOT of ways, but putting this out on 9/11 and calling him “complicit” (which has a very specific connotation) in what will inevitably be a tragic and catastrophic situation goes way too far. This is in poor taste.

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Being a lib and being consistently dishonest are not synonymous. There are definitely a few out there that are generally honest about their positions and occasionally about those of the political opposition.

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