Trump is a coward. You know it

trump was a coward when faced to face with the killer and Dictator Putin. Be careful what you wish for Donny! Donny is not that big. He doesnt have the heart (or lack thereof) or cajones for it. No stones. Coming back here saying he meant to say something else. What a FAIL! My god the trumplstiltskins in my neck of the woods are quiet today.

To me, he seemed to look as if he’d just been taken to the woodshed when he came out of his meeting with Putin.

All Trump is saying, is give peace a chance… But, I guess he should have just Punched Putin in the face. Lol… I think the OP suffers from toxic masculinity…

I dunno Man, trump is always the big talker saying he would punch guys in the face. So maybe, but I think a real man would have just read him the riot act. You messed with us. We know you did. We have indicted your guys. You have been caught. You are lying if you say you didnt. Dont do it again. Stop Lying to My Face Vlad! But “No”…he didnt do that. Did he? Amitrite?

Putin came out of the meeting with a gigantic ■■■■ eating grin on his face. You could tell he’d just manhandled Trump. OTOH, Trump looked deflated and beaten.

Trump actually thought the indictments would work in his favor. Guess Vladi disabused him of that notion rather quickly.

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If he was going to do that (lol, as if), he would have done it in public.

No one has been indicted on anything that happened in the Trump campaign…LMAO!

That investigation is over with the nothing burger indictment of 13 Russians…

You think the guy who raped and beat his wife wants to give peace a chance?

That was terrible to watch.

But, gotta feel for the guy. It was pretty clear just observationally that his bone spurs were killing him.

Who’s that? Bill Clinton?

Obama tried that with Iran and North Korea, and you guys absolutely lost your minds.

I know he gave cash to Iran, but what did do to stop NK?

No. What 45 should have did is hold the man accountable for his country’s attempts to tamper with our elections. He should have said before the world, “we know what you did, shut it down or deal with the consequences”. When I mean consequences, does not mean launching missles. Put more heavy sanctions on their asses to further cripple their economy. I think you warmongers are being phony as hell talking about give peace a chance. When the hell did you or he ever care about peace? Give peace a chance from the same guy who threatened to blow N. Korea off the map back in January. Remember Fire and fury?
So now you wanna move from chicken hawk status to someone looking for peace…GTHOH

Are you guys dentists? No? Then stop trying to read Trump’s body language.


How would that have improved relations with Russia?

Wasn’t it Shock and Awe?

You would rather have someone willing to sell foreign policy or the old school Useful idiot to the USSR that she cheated in the primaries?

Can you clue me in about the dentist/body-language gag?

No Trump raped his wife and ripped her hair out.

that poster was the one and only member of my ignore list back on the old forum. This forum has reminded me of why that was a good idea.