Trump: Inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess

On a roll this morning… Is Fox and Friends covering the Mueller investigation? Quick question, how would he know about the inner workings of the Mueller investigation?


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Probably got word some indictments are coming down today.

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Why does he capitalize random phrases? What is up with that, anyway?

He’s projecting again.

Psych 101 students take notice: Every day Trump provides the textbook definition of “projection”.


Sounds like a desperate man who is lashing out as the walls close in around him and his inner-circle, including his family. In typical Trump fashion, he accuses others of the very behavior he is engaged in. I’m glad he is feeling the pressure. Couldn’t have happened to a sleazier, more disgusting human being.



I was reading some of the comments to Trump’s tweet and one stood out.

How does Trump now suddenly know about the “inner workings” of the Mueller investigation? Right at the same time as he appoints a new, Acting AG, who has commented extensively about how Mueller has nothing and there was nothing there to find? Coincidence?


IF Trump does actually have information on the inner workings of the investigation (and that’s a big IF), that poses a big problem for whoever leaked the information to him. If it was the new acting AG that leaked the information to him, settle in boys and girls - we’re about to have a showdown.


And if anyone believes the career employees of the DOJ will stay out of it, I have a Trump University course to sell you…


If Trump does have that knowledge then he would know the Mueller investigation is a well oiled machine.

He is scared ■■■■■■■■■ And that the House will be in D’s hand in a few short months is the icing on the cake. There is no one there who can protect him now.


Agreed. Trump is about to experience something very new for him - accountability. I suspect it’s not going to be a very good experience for him

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Good thing Mitch isn’t going to push through that bipartisan bill protecting Mueller. Look at that bipartisanship!

The Mueller brand of incontinence and bitter grapes had been lagging during the last couple months.

Nice to see it getting a boost.

I am sure they are still trying to render the FISA process palatable for airing.


This would appear to be one of those alternative facts type of posts.

Truth is not truth.

It’s like every accusation is a confession.


No F&F, Matthew Gertz is pretty good about lining up Trump’s tweets with stuff from F&F.

Probably the homework Mueller gave him is setting him off.

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Fact check: Mueller only worked under Barry for 4 years, it was 8 years under GWB.


The President is factually deficient?

Say it isn’t so!!!