Trump inciting violence


I don’t understand what you’re saying.


Trivialization of what? 9/11?


Yes. I am trying to “consider the source”, but it offends the hell out of me.


That wasn’t a very accurate post.


I’m saying that as soon as Omar pointed out the obvious about AIPAC, she became enemy number 1 to the point that people are using freaking 9/11 to criticize her.


Minimizing 9/11 is something the left has been trying to do since 9/12.


Dude, the President was bragging about how now he had the tallest building in New York since the twin towers were gone…save the crocodile tears.


Thanks for clarifying. She brought 9/11 into the conversation. She trivialized it. Nobody made her do it, she chose.

I know this won’t be popular here, but if I was a Muslim, the last thing I would bring up in a political speech in this country is 9/11. She has a right to do it. And we have a right to kick her proverbial ass for it.

Not to mention we lost 19 of our very best taking care of her own people. She should remember that the next time she starts to open her cake hole.

Just my opinion.


Whataboutism. Trump is a pig. Is Omar?




I’m not crying.


Do you feel Trump was inciting violence?



This post rules already.

Her point was literally that people shouldn’t blame all Muslims for it. Which is pretty milquetoast.

That’s her fault why?


No, he was just bragging about his building.


It’s an expression.


I never bought into the ■■■■■■■■ Russia collusion story where people took “whataboutism” seriously.




It’s exactly what Omar was doing. Great instincts by the left to back her up.


Radical Islamic terrorism.


What does Radical Islamic terrorism have to do with Omar?