Trump inciting violence


I’m not going to demean myself by answering such a stupid and disrespectful question. You act like you have no idea who I am. I’m not obligated to answer crap. Goodnight.


How does using an out of context, hastily edited clip of one of the very few elected muslim congresswomen before a sizzle-reel of death and destruction help you never forget?

I don’t need cheap propaganda videos exploiting xenophobia to never forget 9/11. I’ll never forget 9/11. I’ll never not see those willing to exploit it, either.


“Some people did something”. She was minimalizing mass murder. That was worthy of notice…and repudiation.


That’s what Trump and his supporters do, so let’s all join in!


Don’t be so dramatic. He’s just a crude dolt. He doesn’t have the power to be a dictator.


Sunlight in the best medicine, and antisemitic radicals like Omar need plenty of sunlight.


Someone capitalized on the deaths of innocents. Did you pay for that shirt?


There are many here that were born in the US, grew up in the US and had many relatives serve and die fighting for the US. Our love of country is so great, that we too would die for it. Her comment was not from that POV but…my love of country allows her to say it. It also allows an equal response. Both sides get to speak freely although I agree that Trump’s rhetoric is often, OFTEN not what I believe should come from the oval office. As far as inciting violence…just stop it. Are you going to now hurt someone? Violence is solely on the individual who purposefully chose to be violent.


Right on! :fist: yeah!


What I want to know is how that evil bastard got her to trivialize it in the first place.


No, I don’t hate women; I adore them. Put them on a pedestal. Love them almost as much as biscuits and gravy.

They just need a mute button.


So when you’re happy, she’s always happy?




Lol at the left trying to walk back Omar’s statement by going on the offensive calling “We will never forget!” inciting violence. What a crock of ■■■■■


I don’t think they’re trying to walk it back. They like it.


But they can’t say so. They gotta get offended at the response to that statement to continue the deplorable mantra.


As opposed to you all…who aren’t offended at all.


Agreed. There seems to be a common theme lately. A female can say anything she wants to anybody about anything. If a man responds, it is cruel.

Yeah, that’s not how that’s going to go.


Illan Omar basically did 9/11 by criticizing Israel.


I was offended at Omar’s trivialization.