Trump inciting violence


Follow along. This isn’t paint by number.

I proposed that the left has been trying to minimize 9/11 since 9/12. I then illustrated that point by mentioning a phrase the left has ridiculed since its inception.


Responding to this is a waste of time. You either agree with her or are just trying to get a rise. Either way, you refuse to see any other point of view.

Have a nice day.


And yet here you are. Doing it.


agree with her what, that she misspoke?


What does 9/11 have to do with her? Not to mention the fact she was wrong about CAIR-she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about.

Who called her out on it first? An imam from Australia.

She’s just another mouthy little girl demanding attention.


“Misspoke” :rofl: are you kidding?


It’s just another fake thing, an act, that people care and are outraged over what Rep. Omar said.


I agree with her. Simple as that.


Doing what now?


Of course you do.


Yeah, I thought that was a given.


It’s just another fake thing, an act, that libs care and are outraged over what Pres. Trump twitted.




To say “someone did something” does minimize the true impact of 9/11. She won’t get off the hook with me.

That being said, Trump’s use of her footage paints her as an enemy, which is exactly what I believe his intent was. Did he specifically call for violence? No. But do I think that there are Trumpists out there who will see this as a motivator? Yup. Anger towards Islam is high in the US. And I do not doubt for one moment that there are people out there who will point their anger toward her.


When it comes to actions, versus words, the outrage probably tends from being fake.


That’s not true. I’ve been pretty up-front.


Being a little hard on her, aren’t you?

Was Omar inciting violence?


Problem with these boards is lack of good faith discussion.


Try harder then.


9/11. Just don’t really care about it. Tired of having it be used as some litmus test for patriotism. There’s simply more immediate and urgent things in my life than what went down that day. It was awful, it’s in the past. I don’t think about. The site itself has become a tourist attraction and selfie spot. Someone else has visceral feelings on it, fine. Not everyone does. Whatever.