Trump: I would offer Warren $1M

He also kind of made a rape joke with the Warren stuff…saying they would have to give the test gently because we are in a me too society…

Does he think DNA tests take samples from the vagina or something?

What did he say about McCain?

I love posts like this. They show just how pleasurable the Trump leg tingle is.

“I don’t like when Trump is a troll, but it’s OK because he’s an ■■■■■■■ anyway, so whatevs.” That’s more or less what you just said.

He literally has nothing better to do as president than troll people, and you’re cool with that.

Prepping the battle space.

She doesn’t have it.

Like she did here?


Let’s be honest – Donald Trump is a loser

or here


She called him a “selfish little sleaze ball,” a “pathetic cheapskate,” and a “small, insecure money grubber” — and at one point she clucked like a chicken, after saying he didn’t have the courage to release his tax returns.

“Donald Trump is a two-bit con man who just may be the worst businessman in the United States,” she said at one point.

As ye reap…

Pocahontas isn’t even very good at character attack mode rhetoric. Clucking like a chicken? Wow, how original and biting…like a chicken…

Worse yet…neither do her surrogates.

  1. Getting George Soros to pay the $2 million would be simple. :slight_smile:
  2. He’ll never do it, so no one will be out the money.
  3. He’ll never pay the $1 million when she proves him to be wrong again.
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She won’t prove him to be wrong- her Indian blood was a lie from the start.


Of course he won’t. More idiocy from the Presidential Apprentice.

Yes it’s clearly not as bad-ass as mocking the #metoo movement. What a cool guy!

Become a little more informed. Neither you nor Dumpf have any right to say that.

Totally…Like, why can’t she do something cool like make fun of his wife’s looks, or call him ‘lying donny’ or something neat like that, right?

She should call him ‘president ■■■■■ grabber’ or ‘president bone spurs’ maybe. or ‘President porn star banger’. THAT would be cool.

I’d imagine Tom Steyer could front her the money.

CNN Money has her wealth listed at between $3.7M - $10M.

The saddest part is I’ve come to realize Trump is a reflection of a sizable portion of our country. Trumpsters don’t love him despite these antics and immature insults, the love him because of his repugnant insults and despicable behavior.

It’s sad how Trump is singlehandedly destroying what little decency there was left, and even sadder how his supporters gladly enable it.


The decency and moral standard that Clinton and Lewinsky built in the Oval Office is crumbling- sad,

Watching Fox News and Trumpsters since the rise of Trump and it’s become clear they have two criteria for supporting (or not supporting) something:

  1. Does Trump support it?
  2. Does it trigger teh libz!!!

If the answer is yes to either of these, then they support it. Even if it means abandoning their previous principles, or holding two diametrically opposed beliefs, they’ll rationalize it and don’t care.


Ya let’s not expect our president to be presidential

Clinton at his worst moments had a lot more decency than Trump. A hell of a lot more.

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