Trump: I would offer Warren $1M

It was REALLY funny watching Fox and Trump supporters repeatedly claim he was going to pivot, and he was going to stop the tweeting and act presidential, and then he read from a teleprompter, which was a cardinal sin from the years 2009-2017, and was declared presidential. And now they don’t care that he never pivoted and isn’t presidential.


Credit where it is due - it is amazing how easily Donald won so many so-called conservatives over with his lies and flimsy bombast. The man knew his audience.

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identifying people who lie to the public is important… right?

That’s why.

She’d be broke.

Most of that is casino money. It belongs to the CHEROKEE NATION! CHEROKEE PEOPLE!

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Clinton for all his flaws, was still infinitely more decent than Trump.

Trump is just vile and petty with his behavior. He acts like an 8 year old who was never taught any manners or disciplined for disgusting behavior.

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I think he got lucky when he announced and started off with his racist platform against Mexicans. But it stuck, and he did quickly realize how he could play his supporters like a fiddle. They still eat it up like clockwork.

She will need speech writers…You need a key role in 2020 election…Make it happen.

Actually, he mocked the marketing. “What does that mean”, he asked.

As for McCain, youtube videos galore with him promising to end Obamacare, and he lied. Betrayed his voters, dishonored himself doing so.

Sniff…sniff. To be clear these are tears of support and encouragement to make a better tomorrow.


So when will Pocahontas grab that $1M for her favorite charity?

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Mexicans are a separate race?

Imagine if Trump had to pay out for all his lies. He’d be broke. :slight_smile:

More like the leadership vacuum he filled was just shy of infinite.


When she can pry it out of the Clinton Foundation’s tight wallet.

So you really just slammed a U.S. Senator and war hero who’s dying.

How do you know what she has? You dont. Just more internet trolling which is all you do.

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Here he’s mocking George H. W Bush

“And by the way, you know all of the rhetoric: ‘Thousands points of light.’ What the hell was that?” Trump asked his audience. “What does that mean?”

“I know one thing: ‘Make America Great Again’ we understand. ‘Putting America First’ we understand. ‘Thousand points of light?’ I never got that one. What the hell is that? Has anyone figured that out? It was put out by a Republican.”

Were you being intentionally or unintentionally ironic here?