Trump: I would offer Warren $1M

Trump said yesterday, that if he was debating Elizabeth Warren, he would offer her $1M to prove she was an Indian.


Trump loves to Troll her.
Yea i know not presidential but its Trump don’t expect him to be.

I mean in last Rally he said Get your Ass’s out and vote.

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Red meat for mouth breathers.

Why does he care so much? Why is he so stuck on this?

Also, like you said, not that I expect much more from him but this type of thing is childish.

This is so sad on so many levels. We’re losing whatever dignity we heve left. This ■■■■■■■ clown is doing a number on our country.

I would accept that he shows his tax returns in exchange.


Stupid trolls loving these childish name calling.

What an â– â– â– â– â– â– â– .

He’s a crass pig.

Why doesn’t this idiot criticize or discuss Warren’s policies instead of calling her childish names?

At the same rally he mocked Bush’s one thousand points of light, and the me too movement.

As ye reap…

And McCain again, as he is dying. He is a repugnant human being. The very worst that humanity has to offer. It is truly ugly and sick.

…chomp chomp…Ain’t he a 'tinker…What’s Up Doc.

Im to the point I don’t care how crass he is. Its where we’ve gotten to as a society and it isn’t going to get any better. Nothing about this changed. His supporters don’t care what he does, his detractors think he’s an idiot.

All you can do is vote. It’s on you if you want to keep the nonsense.


Don’t troll me.

She should offer him $2 million to show his tax returns.


It makes sense that he would mock that. Bush was talking about the many community organizations in the US that are doing good around the world. Trump thinks charities are supposed to be fronts for personal enrichment.


What we have devolved to in this country with Donny at the helm…million dollar school yard bully taunting from our “Commander in Chief”.

Be proud you fools who elected that true man-child, be very proud.

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Didn’t he say he would donate 5 million once he saw Obama’s birth certificate?
Seems to me he agreed Obama was born in the US and dropped the birther bs…where is the check?