Trump: "I know a lot about wind" (3-28-2019)

“If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night,” Trump said in Michigan, adding, “I know a lot about wind.”

LOL. You put the wind turbines in places where the winds blow and dont where they do not.

see I know a lot about wind too. (more than the president)


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I don’t think he realizes that wind turbines STORE energy. He thinks you can’t watch television if the wind isn’t blowing. What a putz.

Hey, that part of the Campaigner-in-Chief’s rallies is just his stand-up comedy riff. Not meant for serious policy.

He doesn’t even believe it himself. He’s just amusing himself with his comedy chops.

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He’s not a putz, he’s a ■■■■■■■ idiot.


Yeah, well…that too.

So tell me a place that the wind blows 24/7/365.

How does a wind turbine store energy. Never herd that before.

I guess we should skip solar too because…ya know…it gets dark at night. No more prime time television. See? I know a ■■■■ ton about solar.


He is an expert at blowing hot air up the asses of his faithful followers…


Google is your friend.

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The wind is always blowing somewhere.

And why would that be necessary for wind power to be a feasible source of energy in some places? Even places where they want to watch television at night?

see you learn something new every day.



Aaaah so it’s NOT the wind tower itself that stores the energy, but a different system.

The post I replied to made it sound like it was some new thing for the tower.

Battery packs,

use the power to compress air to “make wind” when there is none.

All that I know about.

Can you point out a place where they could put the towers that the wind blows 24/6/365?

Nevermind, over your head :slight_smile:

I agree with this analysis. Donald just thinks he’s being amazingly hilarious here. And who can blame him? The crowd is guffawing like Robin Williams came back from the dead for one last stand up routine.

Donald knows a lot about his base.


No I cannot. What’s your point?

It doesn’t need to. You even pointed out the existence of battery storage yourself

Wind energy can be stored which is all that was claimed.

That’s all that’s needed to debunk Trump’s silly claim that when the wind doesn’t blow, the TV needs to go off.

Plenty of real problems with renewables…no doubt about that.

Spouting unfounded claptrap because of willful ignorance doesn’t help the debate.